By:Alex pierce

Effects Of Copyrights

Copyright violations generally occur when one party utilizes another party's creative or scientific work without his permission. The U.S. Copyright Right Act makes copyright violation a federal crime. It also allows injured parties to file civil lawsuits against copyright violators to recover money damages. Many businesses rely on copyrights for their means of revenue. Copyright laws carry stiff penalties to protect creators of unique works, and to safeguard the economic benefits they deliver for society.


-jail time

-getting in trouble with the law.

copyrighting is wrong

WHEN Parliament decided, in 1709, to create a law that would protect books from piracy, the London-based publishers and booksellers who had been pushing for such protection were overjoyed. When Queen Anne gave her assent on April 10th the following year—300 years ago this week—to “An act for the encouragement of learning” they were less enthused. Parliament had given them rights, but it had set a time limit on them: 21 years for books already in print and 14 years for new ones, with an additional 14 years if the author was still alive when the first term ran out. After that, the material would enter the public domain so that anyone could reproduce it. The lawmakers intended thus to balance the incentive to create with the interest that society has in free access to knowledge and art. The Statute of Anne thus helped nurture and channel the spate of inventiveness that Enlightenment society and its successors have since enjoyed and it jest is wrong.