Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Christopher Evans 08/24-28/2012


The story takes place in one of the largest chinese communities not in Asia
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Jing-mei is a america born daughter of a chinese immigrant who came to America because thats where her hopes & dreams lay.
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This story is about a Chinese immigrant who movies to a Chinese community in San Francisco for her hopes and dreams to come true there. She has a American bored daughter who she is trying to push to become a prodigy.
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Internal & External Conflict

The internal conflict would be jing-mei Syanding up for her self & telling her mother that she wish she wasn't her daughter when they were arguing. AThe external Conflict would be Jing-mei felling bad after Saying those mean things to her mother.
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The theme of this story is that you should fulfill your own dream, not lets so do them for you.
The mother cam to America for her hopes and dreams to come true. She was always forcing her daughter to do things to become a prodigy that her daughter did not like & didn't want to do.
The mother never thought what her daughter wanted to do.
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A Example of symbolism would be the mother forgiving jing-mei when she made a mistake while playing the piano.
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First part of the story

When jing-mei looks in the mirror she trys to see herself as the prodigy
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The thing that went wrong between Jing-mei & her mother is that she is being forced to do things that's she doesn't want to do & every time she makes a mistake she is blamed.
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