A Forgiving Love

Morgan Keaton, Mary Anderson, Jose Vargas, Christian Chavez



An intense feeling of deep affection.

The Fault In Our Stars Trailer (2014) - Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff
We chose this video because the trailer shows a lot of love and we think that it also shows the true meaning of love and how it is used in the world.

Waiting for my dad by Amy.

I sit alone in the darkness
Waiting for him to come back to me.
Can he hear my cries?
Can he feel my tears?
Can he sense my breaking heart?
God only knows such a fact.
How can this be that he can't see me?
Is it because I'm sitting alone in the darkness?
I just walk past everyone as if I were invisible.
Can he see me now?
Can he see the pain he's caused me?
Or does he look past it?
I think I should move on,
But something tells me to wait.
It's my heart.
I'll give him one more chance
He needs to prove his love to me.
As I return to sit alone in the darkness...

We chose this poem because, the girl in the story does not really have a relationship with her dad. He was not really there for her all through out her life. The only time he was actually there was when he wanted something or he was trying to cover up the fact that he forgot about her.

The Crusades by Morgan Keaton

The way I think that love fits into the crusades is that even though the Christians and the Muslims were fighting against each other for Jerusalem, they still had respect for each other. They were just fighting for what they wanted, the holy land.



The action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.
JellyTelly Kids Talk - Forgiveness 2
We chose this video because the kids explain forgiveness very well and we thought it was a cute way of presenting forgiveness.

How do we forgive our fathers? by Dick Lourie

How do we forgive our Fathers?

Maybe in a dream

Do we forgive our Fathers for leaving us too often or forever

when we were little?

Maybe for scaring us with unexpected rage

or making us nervous

because there never seemed to be any rage there at all.

Do we forgive our Fathers for marrying or not marrying our Mothers?

For Divorcing or not divorcing our Mothers?

And shall we forgive them for their excesses of warmth or coldness?

Shall we forgive them for pushing or leaning

for shutting doors

for speaking through walls

or never speaking

or never being silent?

Do we forgive our Fathers in our age or in theirs

or their deaths

saying it to them or not saying it?

If we forgive our Fathers, what is left?

We chose this poem because this explains how the girl in our story felt about her father perfectly. She loves him but she doesn't.

The Crusades by Morgan Keaton

I believe that after a while, they forgave each other. I think that they realized that fighting was not the solution to their problem.