Team Penn

Sept. 19 - 23

You are appreciated!

To every teacher and staff of Team Penn - Your efforts, hard work and dedication to all of our students is noticed and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your positive outlook and persistence as we strive to reach each child, each day!

Enjoy the following 2 minute videos on creating a Positive Classroom Culture

PBIS Update from your chair, Mrs. Champlin

*This week expect to see colleagues observing in classes and around the school. Please continue teaching as if we are not there. Our purpose is to observe our school environment and culture in order to make adjustments school-wide as needed.

*Please remember if you are K-2nd with Liveschool issues contact Ms. Philpot. 3rd-6th. issues go to Mrs. Champlin. When adding students we need first and last name (gender is also helpful).

*I hope to have school store schedule to you in the first week of October.

*Lastly, Ms. Gilliland should be contacting a member of your grade level team to work on gathering data of average points giving by grade levels per day/week.

Thanks for all you do at Penn!

This Week's Announcements

Rise & Shine

Mrs. Champlin's class is leading! Please encourage your students' participation by joining in the each activity.

Everyone - Good Morning song
Mrs. Champlin's Class - Pledge & Moment of Silence
Mr. Wallace - School Creed
Mrs. Benson - Birthdays
Recognition of PRIDE referrals (there are none so far)
Ms. Ellington - "I will do my best today"

Support with Discipline (Tier 2 & 3 students)

We want to continue to support you with all of your efforts with Tier 2 & 3 students. This week and next week ONLY:

Meet with district Student Engagement Coordinator, Linda Geier, who specializes in working with students with difficult behaviors. You will have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your context, students and grade range.

Dates/times will be announced during the faculty meeting Monday. A sign up sheet will also be sent around Monday during faculty meeting to have an idea of the number of participants.

Penn Family Night

This month, Ms. G. will be smoking up delicious and savory meats for our families to enjoy! This Friday evening, September 23rd from 5:00 - 7:00p.m. bring your family or guest for game night and dinner at Penn. We will enjoy each others' company while playing card games, board games and enjoying dinner - family style! The cost for is $5 per adult and $3.50 for children 12 and under for dinner. We hope that you will bring your family out to get to know your colleagues and their families this Friday evening!

Things to Remember

  • We have a schedule for tidying up the lounge & the resource room. Make sure that your grade level participates on your week. Unfortunately, the messes build up quite quickly.
  • Students MUST wear their "Free Dress" sticker for perfect attendance on their shirts. We want to avoid other students thinking that they can wear free dress anytime and begin to have problems with students being out of uniform.
  • There are too many students in the restrooms for extended periods of time. Please use a system in your classroom to know how long your student has been in the restroom. We are beginning to see students horseplaying in the restrooms - Especially the boys. We are also seeing students run in the hallway when they are in the hallway unsupervised.
  • Remember the volume in the cafeteria. Students should also remain seated with their legs in front of them and raise their hands for permission to leave their seats.

Make Plans for

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McTeacher Night

Wednesday, Oct. 12th, 5pm

1441 North Peoria Avenue

Tulsa, OK

Our Teacher Tradition! We love to get to know our families in creative and fun ways. On October 12, 2016 from 5:00 - 6:30p.m. we will serve families while getting to know them at McDonalds! This has been a great success the past two years and the families enjoy seeing us serve fries, drinks and cookies. Make plans to join us!

Click on the link to RSVP!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

District Novice Teacher Professional Learning on September 24 8:30-11:30a.m.


Get Better Faster (Teach Like a Champion) Strategies

Participants should bring their Teach Like a Champion 2.0 books.

Phase 2 Strategies

  • Management Trajectory (Roll Out and Monitor Routines)

    • What to Do

    • Routines and Procedures 201

    • Teacher Radar

    • Whole-Class Reset

  • Rigor Trajectory (Independent Practice)

    • Write the Exemplar: Set the Bar for Excellence

    • Independent Practice

    • Monitor Aggressively

Collaborative/Supported Planning Time

Participants should bring any relevant teaching guides or materials to support planning time.

Certification Testing Support for Emergency/Alternatively Certified Teachers as Needed

First year teachers only. Stipend provided

Check out our annual calendar for September Dates to remember!