Charitable NBA Basketball Players

with a focus on Derrick Rose

Top 6 Most Charitable NBA Players

1. Russell Westbrook - He has his own charity called "Why Not?" and teams up with other charities to do things like give away backpacks full of supplies such as Jordan brand shoes, clothes and books.

2. Pau Gasol - Pau Gasol recently won a "Charity Challenge" held by the NBA where fans voted on their favorite player to win $10,000 for a charity of that player's choice. He won after picking 38 percent of the votes, and gave the $10,000 to UNICEF to help build safe schools for children in Africa.

3. Kevin Love - He works with All-star cares and contributed to charity events such as the NBA Draftees Special Olympics Clinic and he also helps build playgrounds for children.

4. Chris Paul - He contributes to many NBA Cares events such as "Learn," where students learn from NBA stars. He also has five of his own charities.

5. Kevin Durant - Keven Durant tries really hard to give back to his community. He contacted Nike to see if they could donate to the tornado in Oklahoma City that caused a lot of damage. Nike donated $1 Million to help Oklahoma's disaster.

6. Derrick Rose - Derrick Rose talks and makes a lot of money by approving deals in professional sports and tries to give back to his community.

Derrick Rose is the point guard of the Chicago Bulls. Derrick Rose grew up in Chicago and now he's giving back in a big way. He is donating $1 Million to a local nonprofit that provides out of school programs for teenagers. The work that Derrick Rose does shows that teenagers are important.