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What is an Instructional Coach?

In education, we are always talking about creating lifelong learners. We want our students to look past the homework and grade at hand and grow because of what we teach them. We hope we are lighting a fire in them for the subjects we love.

In the process of this, we can forget that we, too, need to be lifelong learners! We need to grow OURSELVES as we grow our students.

My job as an instructional coach is about helping you think more deeply about your work, organize your thoughts, set your own goals and develop a plan to meet those goals.
I am looking forward to working with you all to start or continue your development!

Khan Academy for SRT

For Thursday intervention time in SRT, all of you students grades 9 -11 should be using Khan Academy for SAT practice. If they have linked their Khan and College Board accounts, it will tailor their questions to what they are ready to learn. Your attitude about this will be the difference in how useful it is! Walking around, asking questions, monitoring their progress and being support is pertinent to the success of this program.

Aside from the usefulness of this program for students, "Public Law 192-2018 replaces ISTEP+ Grade 10 assessments with a nationally recognized college entrance exam. The specific college entrance exam has not yet been selected," which means that SLOs may be based on this type of test. See the chart below for the transition plan.

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Schoology Tidbits - one item per week you might want to use.


you can message students directly from your class, as an entire group?

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Advisory goal setting for NWEA/MAP

What do we do about less-than-stellar scores on the MAP test? We need to make it personal for students. Make sure they understand what this is and why we are giving it. Talk to them one-on-one and find help them plan out how to improve. Set some goals for RIT scores and remind them of what they are and how to get there - essentially, draw them a map! More on this to come and an opportunity to learn more about the abundance of info you and get from NWEA. Watch your email to sign up.

Meanwhile, preview this video and see if it would help your Advisory get what it's all about.

What is Map

Calm Schools Initiative

Thinking about introducing a few moments of calm? Here is the onboarding manual for the Calm School Initiative. And...even if you don't want to use it with your students, you can put it on your phone for yourself.

Tip - don't use your school email. I tried that and never got an access code.

Calm Schools

Click here to get your free subscription.

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