Leader Project

21st Century Learning--Jennifer Manzini

PLC and Coaching Conversations

As part of the leader project, I introduced the 21st century competencies during my grade level PLC. We discussed the competencies using the elevator guide and examined the coaching conversations prompts as we worked together to redesign a lesson that focused on 21st century learning. As we discussed our lesson plans, we focused on knowledge construction and skilled communication. The students already self-regulate but we challenged ourselves to move up the ladder by providing a rubric for the lesson.

We each decided to conduct the lesson on separate days so I had the opportunity to come into each of the classrooms and conduct a walk through. I took notes as I watched the lessons and then had a debriefing conversation where I used the coaching conversations prompts resource. The lessons were all very effective but each different because of the different teaching styles. Each conversation was different because of the different things that were observed.

Having the opportunity to conduct walk-throughs and have coaching conversations was extremely beneficial for everyone involved. My colleagues and myself are now able to dive into each lesson with more intent and focus on 21st century learning.

Boston Massacre Lesson

The students were given multiple primary and secondary sources with eyewitness accounts from the Boston Massacre. The students read and dissected the information with their partners and as a whole class. In small groups, the students worked together to identify evidence that would support their claim determining whether or not the Boston Massacre was an accident or murder. Once the students decided as a group and presented their evidence to the class, the students had the opportunity to hear the sides and evidence from each group.

The students then had to decide individually, based on the evidence from the text, whether or not the Boston Massacre was an accident or whether it was murder. The students had to write a response with supporting facts from the sources that were provided. The students were given a writing rubric that was used to help guide the students as well as for grading the responses.

Jennifer Manzini