Fruit Pizza

Ashton Redovian


Apples- rich in antioxidents, fiber, vitamin B6, C, and Riboflabin

Grapes-25 % of intake for vitamin A, 1 % of Vitamin E

Strawberries- Vitamin C, pottasium, folate, fiber, and antioxidant

Pie Crust- carbs, and protein

Creme Cheese- Vitamin A and calicum


The estimated amount of calories are 442 calories.

Food Groups Represented

Fruits, grain, dairy, and condiments

Meal Planning Elements

strawberry glaze- red, gooey, cold/warm , and fresh

Apples- crunchy, fresh, coldish , fresh

Grapes- crisp, fresh, coldish, fresh

Creme cheese-soft, white, and coldish

Pie Crust- flakey, tan, warm/hott , and dry

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