By Ryan Lockwood

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Review and Recommendation

This book by Ryan Lockwood is about ancient sea monsters that resemble squids come out of there sleep and release havoc on the people. I would recommend this book to any one that loves mystery and suspense at every turn of the book.

3 Quotes From The Story

  1. "Like an animal caught in a trap, the women was thrashing in the beam of light, kicking up sediment and clouding the dark water."
  2. "The man's grip weakened, and he began to relax again, his eyes glazing over. He took a slow, shallow breath, met Travis's eyes, and whispered the words a final time. los diablos. los diablos rojos."
  3. "He asked the question several times, but the man just lay supine with his eyes shut. His body was splayed out near the back of the boat, as far up as Travis had been able to drag him."
Giant Squid: Caught on Camera (pt.1)