Angela Wexler

Am I really all that nice?

Angela Wexler

Hi my name is Angela Wexler my mom's name is Grace my dad's name is, Jake my sisters name is, Turtle ( Her real name is Tabitha Ruth.) My Fiance is Dr. Denton Deere. Everyone thinks I depend on him for everything, but I can live without him. My partners name is Sydelle Pulaski, she is nice but somewhat weird. Sydelle Pulaski is not the murder at least I don't think so because she tells me everything and never lies well I don't think she does. To be completely honestly, I can't trust anyone right now not my mom, dad, fiance or even sister.

Passages about the real me.

  1. “Girls, girls! It’s time for the bride-to-be to open her presents. Angela, you sit here and everybody gather round.” Angela did as her mother said. She lowered herself to a cushion on the floor, ringed by gift boxes and surrounded by vaguely familiar faces. She had not invited her few friends from college; they were bent on careers, this wasn’t their thing. (pg.94)

In this passage, you see me following everyone's order and listening to everyone no matter what. I am too scared to disobey anyone and even though I am an adult I still get treated as a little kid.

2. Sydelle Pulaski’s eyes popped open in surprise. Quickly she squeezed them shut and uttered another loud snore. Well, what do you know? Her sweet, saintly partner was the bomber. Good for her! (pg.99)

In this passage, there is a big reveal that I Angela Wexler sweet innocent little girl ( as grace would say) is the bomber.No one would suspect me as the bomber, I mean everyone thinks I such a good girl marrying my dream husband when really he's more a nightmare.

The 16 tenants.

There are 16 tenants me included theres theo theodorakis, Chris theodorakis, Sydelle Pulaski , Grace, Turtle Wexler,Flora Bumbach ,Otis amber ,Birtha Crow,Sandy mcsouthers ,Mr.Hoo,Madam Hoo,Jake Wexler ,Doug Hoo, JJ ford . And me Angela Wexler.


All the 16 tenants are paired

  1. Me and Sydelle.
  2. James hoo and grace wexler.
  3. Doug ho and theo Theodorakis.
  4. Turtle Weller and Flora ( baba) Bambach.
  5. Otis amber and Birtha crow
  6. Dr. Denton deere and Chris thedorakis.
  7. Jake Weller and Madam Hoo.
  8. Sandy mcsouthers and JJ. Ford.

About the book

author: Ellen Raskin

title: The Westing Game

published: edited version 2004

Change in my charecter

The time I change is in chapter 16 where the other 15 tenants find out I am the bomber.No one thought I could be the bomber because it to innocent but really I'm not so innocent after all.

Internal conflict

My internal conflict is that I don't want to get married to D. Denton Deere. I am also the bomber because no one would ever suspect me to be the bomber till now.


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