Kitchen Calamities

Common kitchen accidents and how to avoid them!

Accidents that can happen in the kitchen.

A variety of accidents can occur when you are working in the kitchen.

They include...

  • Cross contamination of food
  • Spills
  • Slipping on a wet floor
  • Burns from hot appliances
  • Getting shocked by exposing outlets or cords to water

One of the most important accidents to prevent are cuts.

Cuts account for a huge part of the total amount of kitchen accidents yearly, second to burns alone.

How to Prevent Cuts

Knife safety can help you prevent cuts. Keep knives sharp. Dull knives are more dangerous than sharp ones because you have to push harder on the blade to make it cut. Doing this may cause the knife to slip. Also, always cut away from yourself. Never cut toward others or point sharp objects at anyone.

Other tips for avoiding accidental cuts include...

  • Using a cutting board. Do not hold food in your hand to cut.
  • Do not try to catch a falling knife.
  • Use knives only to cut food. (Do not use as make-shift can-openers)
  • Do not swing your arms when walking with a knife, Keep the knife loosely pressed against your thigh.
  • Wash knives separately from other dishes.
  • Store knives in a knife block, rack, or drawer divider.
  • Use a can opener that makes a smooth edge. Throw away the lid immediately.
  • Throw away chipped or cracked plates and glasses.
  • Never pick up broken glass with bare fingers. Use a broom to pick up large pieces and a wet paper towel to grab any pieces.