How to quickscope in MW3 !!!

Its easy/ PLUS:Black ops 2 footage

By:Joseph and William :) P.1

The technique for quickscoping

Choose a sniper, I would recomend using the MSR or using the L118A. After you have chose your sniper now its time to work on your perks you are going to need to choose 1.quick draw 2.sleight of hand, but if your a beginner you might want to use 3.steady aim. Be sure to set your sensitivity to a high of 5 to 10 not 1 to 4 because it will cause your quickscoping to become slow paced and it will fail. After you set up your class it is time for you to try here are all the steps you will need.
1 .Look for a target.
2. Stop at your current position.
3. Predict wich direcction your target will move.
4. Line up you cross hairs with your target.
5. Zoom into your scope once you aligned your cross hairs with the target.PS3 "L2" Xbox "LT"
6. Fire PS3 'R2" xbox " RT"

But if your getting shot at by a fully automatic weapon be sure to go prone by holding down the Xbox " B" or the PS3 button " O" , be sure to time it right to get back on your feet and then try to run behind cover if shot, try to jump up and spot the target with your scope if there is target in sight "jump shot".
Jump shot- is when you hide behind a object and try to get a target without leaving your spot.
The one one technique you need you need to jump shot is the "hard scope" this is an easy move its just looking in your scope to find a target.PS3 'L2" and 'R2" Xbox "LT" and "RT".

how to quickscope GRHS

Materials needed:

1. A console (PS3 or XBOX 360)
2 .A T.V
3. Remote control
4. Call of duty disc (MW3,MW2,BLACK OPS 2)
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Quick scope MADNESS "GRHS"


That is how you you quickscope in call of duty,Thank you!!!!!