Child Abuse

Ty and Cameron

Stopping Child Abuse

Have you ever wondered how many children get abused everyday? Child Abuse is the mistreatment of children. Many children are scared to tell they are getting abused because they are afraid they will get abused again.

Child Abuse

Abuse can be physical, emotional, or verbal. More than 80 percent of Abuse involves a parent or stepparent. Did you know that 50 to 80 percent of Abuse goes unreported. Causes of abuse are drugs, parents fighting, mental health,and a great deal of stress. each year there are over 1.8 million investigations dealing with Child Abuse in the U.S Each day six children die a day because of Abuse. The most common type of abuse is Neglect. Fifty percent of abuse children are ages five through eleven.

Child Abuse is more common in big cities. Twenty two percent of mistreated children have learning disorders. Children under four are at greatest risks for severe injuries or death. The cost of Abuse to a child lasts a lifetime. A report of abuse is made every ten seconds,and For every one report of abuse two incidents of abuse goes unreported. fourteen percent of men and thirty six percent of women that were abused are now in prison. Thirty percent of abused children commit violent crimes.

Did you know that twenty five percent of abused children do drugs. One in thirteen children are abused regularly. It is estimated that a child will die every six hours in the U.S.A. Seventy five percent of abused teenagers suffer from mental health and disorders. Fifty percent of abused children will dink alcohol under age limit.

Child Abuse is a growing problem. Since 1999 abuse has grown 10 percent. You can by working at hotlines or participating in groups like Big brother Big sister.