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TCOTWSC CC Weekly Update- WEEK 2


What a great follow up to our start last week.

I want to share something beautiful I read in Psalm 107. In it, you find the people sinning, wandering, toiling, enslaved, fighting nature, etc... and in each time they find themselves desperate, (even when their own sin has made them so) when they "cried out to God in their distress", He answered them and turned things around for their deliverance. I don't know about you, but I often allow my sin to keep me from crying out - I feel like I can't possibly go asking for help AGAIN...or I know my trouble was something I "behaved myself into" and fairness calls upon me to get myself out of it or just "pay the dues". But my God and Father is compassionate, and merciful; a deliverer and ever-present help.

Why would I not let Him deliver me out of my troubles. Isaiah 30 says He responds instantly to the sound of our why not just cry out? I needed the reminder of His continual grace and it was like life to my bones and freedom to a bound and heavy heart.

Perhaps this week you, too, will need to just cry out to Him and find that He's just been waiting for you, watching from a long way off- like the father of the prodigal- so that He could lavish His kindness on you and deliver you from...[you name it].

May it be so. xo

Remember : Each week I'll send you some links to stuff that may be helpful if you want to go deeper at home with something...but its always just an option :-)


Sun set mirage refraction - this is exactly what we were looking at this week :-)

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GOAL : Confidence: Trust and rely on God to boldly share your message

YOUNGER: Bible Story/Scripture

Share your favorite Bible story or recite a Bible verse.

OLDER Bible Story/Scripture

Share your favorite Bible story and tell why it is meaningful to you. You could also recite scripture or a passage.


We practiced using OiLS elements of line today, In Mirror Images. Here is the link to the image on the left.

Mirror images can actually be pretty tough- you may find it fun for the whole family to sit down and play with them! The trick is getting us to see what angles and curves are REALLY there- and not what we THINK is there. Have fun!!