By: Lexy White

Country&Capital {geography}

Argentina>> Capital is Buenos Aires

It is located in the southeast part of south America

Its bordering Paraguay And Bolivia in the north and Urugudy in the east.

Brazil in the northeast, chile in the west. Bordering by Alantic Ocean

Significance of Flag

It has 3 equal horizontal bands of light blue{top}. White, and light blue, a radiant yellow sun with a human face. The colors represent clear skys and snow of the andes.
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Asado>> Also known as Parrillada. This is national dish originating with the countrys gauchos. Expect to find beef, prok, ribs.

ingrediants>> For cooking meats {usuly beef} as well as sausages and offal on a barbecue. It generally goes hand on hand with chimichurri, a spicy, garlicky parsley sauce.

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Cultural activites

There are graffiti walks

go to a pena

Have a coffee in argentinas oldest cafe

Tourist attractions

1. Ibera Wetlands

- second largest wetlands in the world. A true paridise for nature lovers


- is commonly regarded as the southernmost city in the world. It is a base for hiking, skiing, and cruises to antartica.

3.Mendoze Wine Regions

- Considered the heart of winemakeing. wide range tour for organize rafting, skiing, and other adventures in the near by Andes.