Life at the turn of 20th Century

Myasia Diaz


The turn of century, Southern states had adopted a broad system of legal discrimination. Blacks had to deal with voting restrictions, Jim Crow laws, Supreme Court set-backs, and physical violence.

Racial Discrimination & of the North

  • African Americans were usually excluded from secondary education. In 1890, less than 1% attended high school. By 1910, that figured had reached only 3%.
  • §While most African Americans lived in the segregated South, many blacks migrated to the North in hopes of better jobs & equality. However, the North had its own brand of racism. B blacks got low paying jobs and lived in segregated neighborhoods.

Informal Rules and Customs

Whites were never to shake the hand of an African American.

Blacks had to yield the sidewalk to whites.Blacks had to remove their hats in the presence of whites.