watershed & ocean ecosystems

pro's & con's

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Planting trees on top of or near watersheds.

Planting trees can block of water sheds and our source of water. The tree roots can also filter our watersheds and help reduce floods.

Over fishing

Over fishing causes loops in the food chain that cause animals to go endangered or extinct. The EDF scientists have banned certain catches and catch limits trying to prevent this from happening.

Toxic waste

Many people litter or throw toxic waste in the ocean which can kill multiple animals and create dead zones instantaneously. The CERLA are trying to prevent toxic wastes' creation.

OIl Spills

Oil spills & drills kill animals causing no habitats for the animals and creating algal blooms which doesn't give the fish enough oxygen. IT also covers birds and fish with oil making it hard for them to swim and/or fly. The EPA rescuing wildlife center Rehabilitates animals and brings them back to normal.
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Fertilizers run into our watersheds and pollute our drinking water. The watershed wellness center creates filters that filter our drinking water and make it more efficient.

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