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December 4, 2020

Dear EMS Families,

It's hard to believe that it is already December and that we are well into the second quarter.

At the most recent EMS Engage meeting, the topic of "simplifying" arose. Since that time, we have been trying to identify ways in which we can make it easier for students and families to navigate the hybrid/remote systems.

One response is the creation of a central location for families to go in order to access learning plans. EMS Learning Plans are now live on the EMS Website. If you would like to access the lesson plans and resources for any class, please visit this site.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with your amazing kids. We continue to search for effective ways to better serve.


James Kiefer

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EMS Supports and Extended Learning Opportunities

1. Possible Questions:

  • My child is finishing their work really quickly; is there a way to keep them engaged?
  • I’m looking for something to do with my child on the weekends that will be fun, interesting, and will stimulate our minds.
  • My child has an interest in ________. Do you have suggestions for how we might nurture this?

Consider one of these “Extended Learning Opportunities”. Have ideas that we’ve not considered? Please share them with Mr. Truchon (btruchon@bsdvt.org). Also check out the opportunity from ONE Arts Center in this newsletter.

2. My child would benefit from opportunities to re-engage with materials, students, and teachers during their “remote days”. What should we do?

Answer: Have your child engage in “Synchronous Online Classes”. Your child can do this once for support on a specific assignment, or each “remote” day for reinforcement of skills and materials presented in class:

Class and Time

Meet Code

7th & 8th Grade Humanities - A & B Days: 1:30 - 2:30


6th Grade Humanities - A & B Days: 10:05 - 11:05


8th Grade Math - A Days: 10:50 - 11:30


8th Grade Math - B Days: 8:30 - 9:10


7th Grade Math - A Days: 12:50 - 1:30


7th Grade Math - B Days: 9:30 - 10:10


6th Grade Math: A & B Days 1:50 - 2:15


7th & 8th Grade Science- A & B Days: 11:35 - 12:35


6th Grade Science- A & B Days 9:00 - 10:00


3. My child would benefit from some structured, in person, academic support opportunities after school or during their “remote days”.

  • Edmund Middle School Homework Help: (M,Tues, Th, Fri)- ALL students must be registered (no drop ins allowed due to COVID guidelines). In person and “remote options” available.
  • King Street Youth Center
      1. A Day Students- may attend King Street Center

        • Tuesday & Friday 11 am - 2 pm

        • Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 3 pm - 6 pm

      2. B Day Students- may attend King Street Center

        • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 11 am - 2 pm

        • Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 3 pm - 6 pm

      3. 4 Day Students

        • Wednesday 11 am - 2 pm

        • Tuesday and Friday- 3 pm - 6 pm

      4. All students must complete waiver/registration at bottom of Teen Program Page

  • Boys and Girls Club: Daily support offered for those who are registered. Please reach out to the Boys and Girls Club (Beth Vanparys 864-5263) for details about times and specifics.

4. I’m concerned about my child. They seem isolated and unhappy. Adjusting to this “new” learning environment has been a real strain. I’m unsure what to do.
  • We have school counselors who are part of our school support team. We’d be happy to arrange for them to connect with your child.
  • We have after school clubs for students to connect with kids outside their pods. Email Laura Wageman with any questions. (Lwageman@bsdvt.org)
  • King Street and The Boys and Girls Club (Beth Vanparys 864-5263) each offer after school help, which is another way for kids to connect with their peers.
  • Encourage your child to meet up with peers and go for a walk or bike ride. This is a great way to socially distance as well as spend time connecting with peers.
  • Limit online gaming and time spent on social media to help your child connect to the real world.

5. My child needs additional technology support. What to do?
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Bored After School? Join A Club!

Hi EMS Students!

There are so many EMS/HMS clubs and teams to join! Sign up for one today!
Clubs meet virtually after school once a week, starting at 3:30 pm, so you can log on from home to connect with friends and make new ones!
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Click here to sign up for a club today!
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Winter/Holiday Support

Dear EMS families,

The winter months in general often increase financial strain due to increased utility bills, holidays, winter clothing for growing children, etc.; the winter of 2020 presents additional difficulties we are all learning to navigate together. The flexibility, patience, and support demonstrated thus far by all parties of our EMS community have been uplifting to say the least. Our wish is for all in our community to feel safe and valued, and we can't thank you all enough for doing your part to support this goal!

This winter, we are continuing to organize our EMS winter/holiday support system and are looking to gather names of families who are REQUESTING support as well as families who would like to OFFER support. This system will be anonymous (only guidance/counseling staff will have access to names). We will do our very best to fulfill all requests, but our ability to do so will depend on donations received. Below is a link to our Winter/Holiday Support survey. Please fill this out if your family could use some support during the winter months, or if you are able to donate. Every donation, no matter the size, will be much appreciated by a family in our EMS community!

2020 EMS Winter/Holiday Support Survey

If you would prefer to fill out a paper form, they are available in the main office (at the new entrance in C building), and you can return them there as well.

In order to allow staff time to sort/distribute donations:

DECEMBER donations and sign-ups will be due by Friday 12/18

We will continue to accept donations throughout the winter and distribute as needs arise.

Thank you!

Emily Pearl, MA, ATR (she/her)

Howard Center School Services

Edmunds Middle School

(802) 343-4025



Education Organizing Community Gathering

Sunday, December 6th 3:00-5:00

Across the state students, educators, parents, and community members are coming together to advocate for racial justice and social justice in our schools. We are gathering to connect, share stories, and learn new tools to strengthen our organizing efforts. We can be most powerful when we are in relationship with each other!

This event is being organized by the VT Coalition for Ethnic and Social Equity in Schools in partnership with Outright VT and teachers, students, and community members. Here is a Facebook Page and Zoom invite (the link in the following picture is not live).

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