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Tuesday 6 July - Term 2 Week 10

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School Notices Term 2 Week 10 2021

Tēnā koutou katoa,

Welcome to the last week of term. We’ve had a very busy term with lots of learning and exciting events across the curriculum taking place. Last Friday’s Matariki day was particularly special. Thank you so much to everyone who supported us. It was lovely to see our community coming together to provide an amazing experience for our tamariki.

A big thank you to: all the food prep helpers; whānau and friends for generous donations of expertise, kai, time, and support; Countdown Supermarkets, and Meaters. A special mention to; Clive Gapper, Rex Gapper, Whaea Connie, Adrian and Natalie White, Angie Bird, Lyn Bird, Felicity Spencer, Josie Horsenail, Kirsten Williams, Michelle Phibbs, Christee Dalzell, Adam Alexander, Mary-Anne Dikmans, Sharee Williams, James Skipper, Cameron Benner, and Whaea Rebekah who all contributed at either 6am hangi preparations, matariki activities, and/or kapa haka.

And most importantly a special thanks to Mr Facer and Miss Macfarlane for all their organisation which ensured the day ran smoothly. Tino pai koutou!

Other events of note that have happened over the term have included the Football in Schools programme for the Wairau Hub, Safe Walking in Ōpaoa, and Road and Cycle safety in both Taylor and Wairau.

Giving the children opportunities to view productions provides another aspect to our curriculum. It inspires students to pursue the arts more (i.e. music, drama, dance, visual arts), as well as provides them with motivation and experiences for oral and written language. We’ve had a number of shows this term such as: Vas the Magician (with a healthy eating message), the visit to the ASB Theatre to hear and watch a local orchestra and band play, The Playhouse Theatre show of Rumplestiltskin, and this week Taylor and Wairau are attending shows performed by Bohally and Richmond View Schools. A reminder to make sure your child has warm clothing and a waterproof jacket or an umbrella as rain is forcasted. There are also Arts and interchange programmes happening in classrooms.

Reporting Conferences with Early Finish on Wednesday (tomorrow)

Our Reporting Conferences are taking place this Wednesday and Thursday afternoon/evenings. Please ensure you have checked your time slot and arrive early to ensure we run to time. As in previous years we ask that if possible, your child/ren is able to finish school at 1pm on Wednesday 7 July to allow enough time for all the conferences to occur. If this is not possible supervision will be provided. A notice was sent home yesterday for you to indicate what option you choose for your child/ren.

The conferences are a very important part of your child’s learning as they foster home/school partnerships with a combined approach with the student, teacher, and parents/caregivers all having input into the child’s learning progress, their next steps, and how to support them. They are also a chance for your child to share their learning and have a say in their learning pathway. If you are unable to attend the conference, please let us know and the teacher will arrange an alternative time with you.

Healthy School Lunches - Term 3

Next term Pita Pit will be running a two week menu, rather than a one week menu, on Mon, Tues, Wed, and Friday, with Subway continuing on Thursdays. They will be introducing two pasta dishes, a burrito and a whole grain roll, in addition to the items they already provide. There will also be more variety with their sides. A photo of the 8 items on the menu is below. Please note the pictures are not exactly what will be given as the sides vary. There will always be a piece of seasonal fruit with one other option (i.e. blueberry muffin, cheese stick, bliss balls, popcorn, yoghurt, oat cookie). We are very grateful to Pita Pit and Subway for their understanding and flexibility as we work out what menu items the children like best. The food always has to meet the Ministry of Health standards.


Part of the reporting information we share at this time of the year is your child’s attendance. This important information allows you to track what absences your child has had. While we understand there is a lot of sickness and family events beyond your control, it is still important that you are aware of the number of days away, etc. Here is a brief summary of what the codes on the attendance pie chart mean.

Justified Absences

J - Not in class. Justified absence - the reason is within the school policy eg Reporting Conference afternoon

M - Not in class. Student absent due to short-term illness/medical reasons (is at home or in hospital). Justified absence.

D - Not in class. Medical appointment - doctor or dentist. Justified absence.

Unjustified Absences

E - Student is absent. The reason is ‘Explained’ but is Unjustified.

T - No information is provided- ‘Truant’ (or the explanation is not considered a valid reason)

Principal on Sabbatical Leave

Next term Cheryl will be taking a term of sabbatical leave. During this time the school will be led by Christee Dalzell and Lisa Lissaman as they co-share the principal role. Christee on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and Lisa on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We wish Cheryl well as she takes some time out to refresh while also completing some research/study.

Enjoy the holiday break with your children.

Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa - warm greetings to you all.

Whitney Street Staff

Pita Pit Term 2 Menu

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Wairau Camp - Term 3 Week 3

Our senior school Winter Camp is quickly approaching. Please remember to try and source the items on the gear list over the holidays. There is no need to purchase 'new' items as we have the option of hiring gear from the lodge and the skifield. Please let the teacher of your child know if this is the case.

The final date payment for camp is Friday 30 July. Please talk with Adele if you'd like to set up a payment scheme.

For those parents who are helping out on camp, there is a meeting in Room 3 on Wednesday 4 August from 6:00-7:00pm. It really is very important that you all attend so we can go over safety procedures and expectations.

Matariki Celebrations 2021

Other School News and Happenings

Whitney Street School's Kiwican Champion

Lochlyn Benner (5 years old)


Lochlyn has a positive attitude towards learning new skills and his general knowledge is outstanding. When completing tasks in class Lochlyn doesn't give up. He will persevere and keep trying. Socially he also displays this attribute when making new friends. Lochlyn adapts well to new situations and bounces back quickly after new challenges and disappointments. Lochlyn is a role model for our class, our school and our community. He is a true Kiwican champion.

Wairau Hub Cross Country on Friday 30 July - Week 1 Term 3 2021

Our students have started training for the WAIRAU Hub Cross Country to be held next term Week 1, Friday 30 July. The outline for the day is set out below. We hope you can join us on the day.

Please note that the Marlborough Cross Country Champs are on Tuesday 10 August which, unfortunately, is the same week as our school camp. If your child places first or second in the school cross country, they may wish to go to the Marlborough Champs. However, due to the clash with the school camps this will be problematic, especially if they are on the first camp (Monday-Wednesday), as they will miss out on the skiing day (Tues). This will also mean they will need to be taken up and back to camp on Day 1, and taken back to camp again after the cross country. Alternatively, they may need to choose between camp or the Marlborough Cross Country Champs, bearing in mind there is always next year for the cross country.

If they are going on the second camp, it will be much easier to make arrangements for them to attend the Marlborough Cross Country Champs. We are sorry about this complication but unfortunately, our camp dates were set before the Cross Country dates, and it will affect only a few children.

We encourage all students to continue to train over the holidays in order to maintain fitness levels.

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The Inter-Yeti Online Safety Resource

Te Tari Taiwhenua | Department of Internal Affairs has launched a free interactive e-book - The Inter-Yeti. The e-book takes children through how to keep themselves safe online, and how to recognise and avoid bullying, trolls, scary content, and ‘friends’ who may not be who they say they are.

The Inter-Yeti is aimed at 5-12 year-olds and can be used in classrooms or children can read it with whānau. The story is narrated by Stan Walker.

The Inter-Yeti is part of the hugely successful Keep it Real Online campaign for parents and caregivers, and The Eggplant mini-series, aimed at older children.
School Docs Review Link here

USERNAME: whitneystreet PASSWORD: learners

We are a PB4L School - Positive Behaviour For Learning

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Our school calendar is often filled with trips and events and sometimes the dates and details change. The BEST place to keep an eye on what is happening is on the school App in the calendar section.

Taylor and Wairau Hub Fundamentals - Term 3

This is a heads up that the Taylor and Wairau Hub students will be taking part in Fundamentals at Stadium 2000 in Term 3. Taylor Hub will be in Weeks 2 and 3 and Wairau Hub in Weeks 4 and 5.

* Week 2 - Rooms 9 & 10

* Week 3 - Rooms 11 & 12

* Week 4 - Room 1,2 and ½ of Room 8 (The same half that went on camp with Tuākana.) Please note this is the week directly after camp.

* Week 5 - Rooms 3,4 and ½ of Room 8 (The same half that went on camp with Marohi.)

Students will need to remember to bring togs, a towel, school fleece, sports shoes, water bottle, and a big morning tea to school EVERYDAY. There is NO need to pack a lunch as the school lunches normally provided each day at school through the Healthy School Lunches scheme will be delivered to the Stadium. Students will not be able to order subway on any days that they are at the stadium for Fundamentals.

We will need adults to help walk with us to and from the Stadium each day. More information will come early in Term 3.

Many thanks from

The Taylor and Wairau Hub teachers

Download our school App

We encourage all parents to download our school app from the Playstore or Apple Store, as we find this the most effective way of sending out Alerts to parents/caregivers. You can also access a wealth of information from the app as it has links to the school calendar, newsletters, etc.

Please subscribe to Alerts from the classes/groups that your child belongs to. If you want to subscribe to groups later on, you can do this via the ‘Alerts Subscriptions’ which is in the Menu (top left). Please do this to ensure you are subscribed to the classes and Teams that your child or children are in for the 2021 school year.

This is also the way we would like you to inform us of absences. This system streamlines the morning routine for Tanya and Michelle so that they can easily see who is away and why.

Please click here to download the School App.


If you haven't done so already, please have a go at downloading the Hero App which shows your child’s achievement, progress and learning goals. The instructions are here or you can type into your browser. It really is very important that you access this information about your child so you are able to be involved in their education as much as possible.

Suggestions Box

Do you have any suggestions for us at Whitney Street School? In the school office, there is a 'Suggestion Box' that is checked regularly. Or click here to email it.

Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

In line with sustainability, the Wairau Hub will continue to collect bread tags to help support the Bread Tags for Wheelchairs initiative. Save them up, bring them into Room 1 and we will arrange for them to get to where they need to go.

This cool idea supports The United Nations Sustainability Goals of;

* Goal 1: No Poverty donate what we don't use

* Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing

* Goal 10: Reduced inequalities

2021 Winter Camp - For Wairau Hub Students

In 2021 the Year 5 and 6 students are going to Lake Rotoiti and Rainbow Ski Field for a two-night stay. This camp involves a range of activities that encourage our Wairau Hub students to develop more independence, be risk-takers, problem solvers and build new friendships. Please budget $105 for this camp to help pay for the accommodation and food.

  • Tuākana and ½ of Room 8 Camp Dates - Term 3 Week 3

August 9 - 11 (Over on Monday and back on Wednesday for 3pm)

  • Marohi and ½ of Room 8 Camp Dates - Term 3 Week 3

August 11 - 13 (Over on Wednesday and back on Friday for 3pm)

We urge you to begin payment as soon as possible to avoid having to pay one large lump sum (see costs above).

If you would like to set up an automatic payment, please do so and use your child’s first initial and last name as a reference. The Whitney Street School BOT bank details are: 03 0599 0305934 00.

Automatic Payment Option

We highly recommend setting up an automatic payment to help pay for things like stationery at the beginning of the year, uniform items and camps. It's a great way to help plan your budget and spread the cost of more expensive things. $5 or $10 a week is way more manageable than a large lump sum! Use your child's first initial and last name as a reference.

The Whitney Street School BOT bank details are: 03 0599 0305934 00

Pretty Things Embroidery

Are you after a professionally stitched name on a piece of uniform? Click here to find out more.

Community Notices

Smart Labels NZ

School Starter Pack - 25Pk Iron-On + 5 Pk Flexi ID - Normally $20.00 - NOW $15.00

  • 25 x Iron-On Labels - enough labels to cover school uniforms, sports uniforms, and jackets.
  • 5 x Flexi Labels (eg. drink bottles, lunch box, phone chargers, ipads, laptops.). These labels are waterproof and UV resistant. They have been tested in the dishwasher and withstand these conditions.
All labels come with application instructions and protective paper for application.

Small Iron On Label Packs - from $11.28 with discount code

Medium Iron On Label Packs - from $11.28 with discount code

Large Iron On Label Packs - from $14.10 with discount code

T&C APPLY - Discount available for small, medium and large label orders and the $20.00 School Starter Pack Only



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GirlGuiding NZ is looking for fun, energetic leaders in Blenheim that will provide positive support to girls aged 5 – 17 years old while delivering exciting programmes once a week. Group meetings run for up to 2 hours once a week during school terms. We have developed an amazing programme that uses fun, adventure and friendship to build girls’ confidence and life skills to help grow the next generation of female leaders. All support and training is provided by a dedicated team to help you do a great job. You can choose the age group you work with and you can take on a level of commitment that suits. You just need to bring a drive and a passion to empower girls and lead them towards a bright future! If this sounds like you, find out more information here Alternatively, you can email Emily on to talk about the different options.
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The Board of Trustees advises that 22 out of zone vacancies have become available at Bohally Intermediate School for the enrolment of 2022 academic year.

Because the Board operates an enrolment scheme, it is required to fill any vacant out of zone places by ballot when there are more applications than places available.

22 out of zone places have become available for Year 7 students enrolling for 2022. No Year 8 placements are available.

The Board is prepared to receive applications from Thursday 1st July until 3pm Wednesday 1st September.

The ballot will be held on Thursday 2nd September. Families will be notified Monday 5th September via the email address provided.

Enrolment details can be found on our school website

Thank you

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