Onondaga Lake Tributaries

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  1. Onondaga Lake has two natural tributaries that contribute approximately 70% of the total water flow to the lake. These tributaries are: Nine mile Creek and Onondaga Creek. The Metropolitan Syracuse Waste water Treatment Plant (METRO) contributes 20% of the annual flow.Other tributaries include Ley Creek, Harbor Brook, Saw Mill Creek, and Bloody Brook. Water flows north out of Onondaga Lake to the Seneca River and eventually makes its way to Lake Ontario.

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Information on the Onondaga Lake Tributaries

he tributaries flush the lake (replacing old water with new water) rapidly compared to most other lakes. The Lake is flushed approximately four times each year. By comparison, Skaneateles Lake is flushed only once every 12 years.
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My Visit at Onondaga Lake

I had a great experience on our field trip to Onondaga Lake. First, we went to the Onondaga Lake park and rode bikes around a trail. Me,