Strength and Weaknesses

My 5 Strengths and my 1 Weakness

Innovation (100%)

I Actively seek out your positions where your ideas will be encouraged. I can

Search out and request ideas from others to your thinking.

Optimism (88%)

I Look for positions where you can be as close to customers as possible . I do use your humor and good attitude to excite people.

Leadership (88%)

I am good at getting projects moving again or asking people to get stuff going ! I'm good at helping other understand things

Faith (81%)

I give more value to Higher levels of service than more money .

Some people may not share your beliefs, but I feel they need to understand & respect that they can express the beliefs.

Adaptability (81%)

My success depends on ability to accommodate other.

I find planning work very boring , so I find ways to minimize this chore while still achieving.


Curiosity (25%)

I actively take on roles that require you to stay current in a fast moving fields .

i also set aside money to support continued education, and training.

How can i be better in Curiosity ?

I can higher my percentage in curiosity ? I can Track your learning progress and celebrate milestones along the way witch will help me with keep track . I can Learn by teaching others - do discussion groups and presentations at work , i could Challenge myself to be better in a subject , and request to sit beside someone will help motivate myself to do my work .