Get Involved!

By: Camry Love


America today, is the fattest country in the world; and about 75% of kids, especially in high school contribute to this. Why? because kids get lazy, eat more, and have emotional and physical problems. They go through depression, sadness, happiness, loneliness, and everything else that makes their life horrible. Since there is about 30 clubs and 20 sports to choose from at school, why not join them? You meet new people and can make life long friends. Yes, you may not feel comfortable with everyone one on the first day, but the more you're interacting with other kids, the better you become as a person. With extracurricular activities, it shows you're being involved, active, and possibly giving back to the community. A lot of clubs do community service. Community service is a great way to be involved. As for me, I am not in any clubs but I do volunteer at Avon's YMCA. The YMCA loves volunteers. It is great to put on a resumes, job and college applications. Plus the benefits just for being a volunteer are great. You get awards such as a plaque, free passes, coupons, and able to do a lot of activities at the Y for free.