SOAR 2016

C+I's First National Conference

Dear Team,

I'm sure many of you have seen the pictures posted on the national community page from SOAR. It was truly an amazing and inspiring experience. It is my hope that anyone who wants to attend next year will be able to. I hope that these notes will spark your imagination and inspire you to try new things with your C+I business!

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Everyday is a series of choices...and those choices can predict the outcome of your have the power to achieve whatever you want. The only one who has the power to stop you, is you," - Chantel Waterbury

Chantel's Key Note

We are here for your “why.” Everyone has a reason they signed up to be a merchandiser. You have drive, ambition and a vision of where this opportunity can take your life. What will you accomplish with it?

We talk a lot about our "whys." Why did any of us choose to become a merchandiser? What is the major driving factor behind why we continued with C+I? And how do our "whys" evolve as we grow and change with the company?

Chantel casually mentioned that she gets calls every week from big stores like Macy's and Target wanting to sell C+I. She is confident and proud in her ability to say no because our individual "whys'" are more important to her than selling to the mass market. Our "whys" keep C+I going.

How cool is that?!

Check out Chantel's favorite motivational quotes below.

Ask Yourself:

What is the legacy you want to leave?

What are your core values?

What do the C+I values mean to you?

How do you incorporate that into your everyday life?

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You Have The Ability To Move Mountains

Do you believe it? A lot of times we get bogged down in our everyday lives and we forget about our goals and dreams.

How does your "why" translate into your C+I business?

What do you seek in this opportunity?

Tip: A really good "why" is emotional. It taps into your core values and what drives you everyday. It should evoke feeling in your audience.

What do you want from this opportunity?

I've heard it time and time again. "Chloe and Isabel gave me something I never knew I needed." I say realize this applies to me as well. Each day I learn something new and meaningful from this experience.

Expanded Network

New Friendships

Business 101 Training

Improved Resume

Creative Outlet

How are you using this opportunity to take you to your next step in life?

Create a Vision Board

Did you know that when you write down your goal you are more likely to achieve it? If you have no idea where to begin in creating your why, or if you have so many ideas you don't know how to narrow it down, try creating a vision board. Collect images and quotes that inspire you. Include your goals for C+I and for life. By creating a vision board, you are taking the first step to making your goals a reality. Keep it somewhere you will see it everyday and be reminded of where you want to be.

We Are The Definition Of Exclusive

-Our brand is sold exclusively through you.

-We will be revamping the way people choose a merchandiser through "stranger sales". When someone types in a zip code to find a merchandiser, the top 4 performing merchandisers in or near that zip code will automatically pop up. They will pick from those selections. This is based on current sales and will be updated often.

-We will be geo-targeting community growth so that our community is becoming more exclusive. If one area already has merchandisers, that area will be closed to an new applications.

How Is C+I supporting Your Goals?

-Emphasis on quality in the community

-Evolved training platforms

-Expanded online office tools

-Evolved pop up success tools

-Open/Close dates on pop ups

-Guest tracking

-Incentives for hostesses who have pop ups booked through their pop up (Should happen before holiday season)!

-Also coming soon....Regional Meet-ups!!!

Let's welcome the newest members of team #deltafireflies!

Fireflies spotted at SOAR!

Meghan Meacham

Merchandise Manager

I want to help you build your business to everything you want it to be! Do you want to have $250 in extra spending money each month? Do you want to save for you or your child's education? Do you want #forever40 status and 40% commission? Do you want to use this experience as a platform to advance your career? LET'S DO IT TOGETHER!