Hexapeed Discovered

Deer-like animal has been found on Pandora

Anatomy of Hexapeed

This animal is dark blue with yellow stripes on its back.They have small sloped skulls, topped by light-colored fan structures. These fan structures are used for intimidation and warning off other animals. It breathes through feathery scent organs on both side of its head.These also sample the air as an early warning system to notify the animal if a predator is around. It is hexopodal. It is a land Herbivore. They feed on tree bark and various leaves and berries. It was discovered by Brooke Bulloch on venture to the rainforests of Pandora.

Additional Information

  • Gets up to 2 meters long
  • Gets up to 2.4 meters tall
  • They are a target for aerial creatures
  • They breed very rapidly
  • They have an eye pattern on each fan, which serves as a defense mechanism
  • They are not very fast
  • They are not very good at maneuvering