by Omar Ponce

We need to stop it

Cyber bullying is starting to be a problem now days we need to stop it people are being cyber bullied and it's not right it doesn't belong in the internet theirs not a place for it. It's happening all over the world with electronics and we need you to help me stop it theirs people who need your help so I ask you will you help me and the ones effected by it we need your help 19% of suicide is happening from cyber bullying on Facebook, twitter, YouTube , MySpace, instagram, snap chat, and other social networks please help.
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How to avoid bullying

To avoid bullying on whatever your on change public to friends only and if that doesn't work than block the ones who bully you and tell them that your feelings are hurt or ask an adult for help don't embarrass them for what they did just tell them how you feel you might make a new friend.