MAY 16-27

I'm writing this for the last two weeks of school!!! So Soon!!!!

May 16

Mon. - Julee & I- mtg. at DSC, 8-9

School Board mtg., 7:00

Tues. - AR Movie, gr. 1-5, leave after announcements, back by 11:20, everyone is invited except kindergarten is staying.

See prep schedule below -

Wed. - Head Start will do a walk-through the kindergarten area Wed. and Thurs. at 12:15.

We'll pick up about 4 students from there next fall.

Thurs. - 5th gr. maturation presentation, 1:30, students may leave with parents afterwards.

They can have recess before or after, but teachers will need to supervise as paras will be teaching.

Fri. - Spirit Day and Treat Sale

Kindergarten Bowling in the morning for all kinder students

May 23

Mon. - 10:15, assembly for 3-5 gr., 10 min., with Perrigot for summer sports

Tues. - Admin., 8:00

Wed., - Field Day, all day

Barbecue lunch, grill in the Eagle's nest, paras please help serve

Thurs. -Last Day of School!

9:00 - 5th gr. Graduation & assembly

Retirement Reception, 4-6 at Wilson Theater

Fri. - Teacher workday. Checkout sheets will be sent out for you to fill out and return to Sanie to sign.

Thanks to everyone for covering each other when we can't get subs.

End of Year Reminders:

Technology can stay in your rooms, and don't unplug anything unless directed by our tech team. We'll get you some Velcro to stick your remote to your TV. Wall decorations need to be removed, but you can leave up the sound/spelling cards and word walls. Everything will be removed from the rooms for summer cleaning - they're starting in the 5th gr. wing - so please put away as much as possible off the floors so they can shampoo. Books, etc. can stay on bookshelves.


12:30-1:00 - 2ND GR.

1:00-1:30 - 1ST GR.

1:30 - 2:00 - 4TH GR.

2:15 - 2:45 - 5TH GR.

2:45 - 3:15 - 3RD GR.


We have 3 new teachers on board: Jaclyn Crane - 2/3 gr. reading specialist;

Kaitlyn Lowry - 5th gr., Josh Greenwalt - 5th gr.

Back to School for teachers is Aug. 15, Students back on the 23rd.

I've made reservations for all of us to attend the Henry Winkler presentation in Twin Falls that evening, paras included. It's not required, but would be a fun get-together and the school is picking up dinner.

Thanks for holding your classes together these last couple of weeks. This is when the 'creative' teacher kicks into gear, and I seen some fun, engaging activities happening. Keep up the good work.

Look for Cheri's email link to check out an on-line lesson plan program. Let me know what you think by next Friday.