The Book Thief

By: Markus Zusak

Project By: Tattyanna Acosta-Gill

442 pages


The Book Thief has struck for the first time! Will you keep on reading and steal the books with her or will you watch from the sidelines?

Liesel and her world

At the young age of 10, Liesel is sent to a foster home with her brother, Werner, who then passes away on the train ride there. She is afraid of what is to come next, but is shown comfort by her foster father, Hans Hubermann. Her foster mother, Rosa Hubermann, shows very little kindness towards Liesel but Liesel knows that mama loves her. Himmel Street is a new place for her but she will adapt and learn to love her new home with all her heart and will be devastated by it later on. Her best friend, Rudy Steiner, will show love towards Liesel and persuade her to do things her old self wouldn't have done. The Book Thief never would have struck so easily if Rudy hadn't been there to help her with some of the books she stole from the mayor's wife's library. As Liesel grows up to become a young women, she learns the meaning of trust. She is trusted by her family to keep a very important secret hiding underneath her very home. Liesel isn't even allowed to tell Rudy of the secret!


The point of view in The Book Thief is first person. Death doesn't know or see everything about the world. He obtains his knowledge the way many humans do, through personal experiences and reading or hearing about it. In a way, he is human like. He feels emotion like happiness, sadness, and depression. It is unfortunate that he has all the human characteristics but isn't able to be apart of humanity. He also mentions that Liesel has cheated him out of death. Papa also cheated him out of death when someone else was where Papa was supposed to be. He provides his own point of view as well as tell readers Liesel's thoughts. Death is telling us much of the story through his personal experiences from watching Liesel and reading the book she wrote when she was younger, The Book Thief. He also can show us how he takes the soul from a lost soul and what the best souls do when he comes to them. Death exists because people die, he isn't the reason people die.


The theme of The Book Thief is literature. Literature is referenced throughout the whole book and is the reason The Book Thief by Liesel was written. Max Vandenburg paints over one of Adolf Hitler's books and writes his own books for Liesel. The book also shows the importance of books to Liesel when everyone is instructed to throw any Jewish books into a bonfire for Hitler's birthday.

Literature and I

I, personally, love the written words. I think that they can take you places you never dreamed of and even have meanings and relate to the world around us. Liesel and I both agree that books are very important not only to us but to the rest of the world. They teach us lessons that your best friend couldn't tell you about life. As humans we tend to overlook many things in life and take things for granted. I think that books put those things in a different way and help is to realize what we take for granted on a daily basis.

Grave Digger's Handbook

She steals her first book at age 10. Her brother sadly dies and the junior grave digger who digs his grave drops the book when he leaves. Liesel picks up the book before he has time to realize that it's missing and hides it under her coat. This was only the first act of the Book Thief and won't be the last.

Bonfire Book

On Hitler's birthday, people in Germany were instructed to throw any Jewish related books into a bonfire and they celebrate while they are burning. When no one was looking, Liesel snuck a book out of the fire and almost got caught doing so. She hid the book in her jacket and hoped that no one who find out about it. Her jacket began to smell and Papa noticed but when he interrogated Liesel she said nothing. Her secret would always and forever stay with her.

Reading Late in the Night

Max Vandenberg and Liesel are secretly reading late in the night in the basement. He becomes her new book partner in hiding during the late night when she finally realizes that she is too old to go to Papa after her nightmares. Liesel determines that she has a secret best friend who will read with her and care for her when Papa isn't there. When he becomes sick, she has no idea what to do so she does what a good friend would do and makes it her own thing.