WES Friday Focus

Just a weekly update

Countdown time

Notice the name of this flyer - Friday Focus. I am experimenting with this format, but I do want to inform you each Friday about the upcoming activities. Not sure if this is the best way to reach you, but there is no way to know unless I try! (I didn't have internet access on Friday so I'm sending it now.)

It's almost time - we'll be meeting on Thursday in the library. Join us between 7:30 - 8:00 for doughnuts, fruit, and ????? Our meeting will begin at 8:00 and it will be a short general meeting and then we'll be getting back to work. I'll give you a schedule for meeting times with me and possibly Edie and Monica. Remember - we've been invited to the high school for a guest speaker on Wednesday at 1:30. Hope to see all instructional staff at AUHS. (Remember, you can take the time off on Thursday afternoon.) Friday morning is our whole group meeting and then we will have the usual vendors. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Friday. Also, Maria's baby shower is Friday at 1:30. Come help us celebrate with Maria - she's bringing us a future Wellton student!

Mark your calendar - Beyond Textbooks Training on Monday, 7:30 - 3:00

WES School Board meeting on Monday , August 11

Open House is on Tuesday, August 12 from 4-6 p.m.

and as you know - School STARTS on Wednesday, August 13.

Assignment already!

If you have time:

Stop by and pick up a book called “The Ball”

That I know you’ll love reading, as it is small,

This short book will leave you inspired,

Reflect on it’s message, it is required.

Please ponder the questions at the end

So you can discuss them, with a friend.

We will be discussing this book and celebrating - can't wait!

(disclaimer - I did not write the poem, I found it and "tweaked" it to fit us. The poem was written by Melissa Kartsimas - or at least the original version was written by her.)

Student Enrollment

It seems our enrollment is increasing. We have had some new enrollments and some students we thought were leaving are staying in Wellton after all. The uncertainty of it all can be frustrating, so I really appreciate the flexibility many teachers have shown. The plan is: class size won't be less than 15 or greater than 31. This year will be very different - I'm not sure Wellton has ever had so many grade levels with just one class. But I'm excited - we have a great staff who can handle anything!

See you later this week.

Lisa Jameson