Science Smore

Earthquake PBL

For our earthquake PBL we had to make a house that Tony Stark would approve. The factor for the house he wanted was it had to withstand an earthquake. We also had to make a wikipage with interviews and daily vlogs. Our interviews talked about what will be in our house model and where we choose that place.Daily vlogs were fir us to talk about what we did that day in class. Our driving question was "How can we as structural engineers construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?"

Atmosphere 30 hands project

During this project we used an app called 30 hands and we had to answer questions about our atmosphere, the green house effect and global warming. Also we made slides, using the app, that included images and short descriptions.We than had to voice over our presentation.

Invention Convention

The invention convention is the project that we recently just completed, which will be located in the MPR. During the Invention convention we had to design and create an invention that uses a renewable energy source. My partner and I created a wind powered ship that uses a windmill and solar power.
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