August Monthly Memo

JBE 4th Grade

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! The fourth grade teachers are so excited to get back and geared up for this exciting new year. As most of you know, technology will be a huge focus at JBE. We will be spending a lot of time this month getting familiar with all of the new resources available. Your child's teacher will be communicating all of these wonderful new tools home, so your child can show you the exciting things they have been working on in class.

Current IB Planner

Where We Are In Place And Time

We are jumping right into our first IB planner. During this unit, students will focus on the central idea: Human exploration and discovery impacts our lives. We feel students will understand this best if they can relate it to their everyday lives as well as the world around them. Students are encouraged to connect the themes of exploration and discovery beyond our discussions in class. Current events, personal experiences, and connections to prior learning are all welcome for classroom discussions during this unit.

Current Units of Study

  • ELA--IB terms; questions and inference; Writers Workshop procedures
  • Math--multiplication review; place value
  • Social Studies--Native Americans
  • Science--safety procedures; making observations

Upcoming Events

Friday, August 23 Multiplication Mastery Quiz

Monday, September 2 Labor Day Holiday

Thursday, September 12 Progress Reports