Crockett Campus Inclusion Plan

First steps to get there.

What does it look like?

- all teachers take ownership for the student

- teamwork between General Education and Special Education

- special education students are included in classroom instruction

- students feel included in curriculum

How do we get there?

What we need

- teacher buy in

- support from Leadership

- collaborate on each student regardless of placement (504, Sped, ELL, General Ed.)

- provide intervention for everyone that needs it

Things to remember

- it's a process to get there

- won't happen overnight

- need support from the whole campus

What we will do when we get back to campus

-speak with our administration and share our ideas

- set a long term goal (implementing inclusion and how it will work)

- create short term goals to get us there

- determine which students we want to start with and how we will support the teachers