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Hamlet is deeply troubled by something.

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Shakespeare was born in the late 1500s. He was the child of an Alderman and received a good education. He began writing by the 1590s. He was great in business. He built the Globe Theatre. His writing is known by virtually everyone. Many sayings from his works are used in every day life. His writing are the second most quoted after the Bible.
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Shakespeare was born, and died on April 23. He died at the age of 52. He had seven siblings and three children. Introduced many new words to the english language. His known works encompass 37 plays and 154 other pieces. Most plays were comedies.
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Shakespearean insults have become a standard for many comedies. This insults can be categorized as food/drink related, body parts/functions, types of individuals, inanimate object, creatures, and personal attributes/traits.
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Many sayings from Shakespeare's works are used today. Some of witch are fight fire with fire, love is blind, vanish into thin air, in a pickle, and good riddance.
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Hamlet was written by Shakespeare in the early 1600s. It follows the story of a prince, shortly after his father's death.
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Shakespeare used a technique that puts stress on a certain word or syllable to help lines flow. This helped many sayings become famous.
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Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, is especially known for its plot. A man's love for a woman is shown in passionate dialogue.
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Well this is awkward...I got Juliet.
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