Mrs. Dixon's Class ENewsletter

Week 22

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What's Happenin' in Room 306?

Hello Room 306 Families!

I hope you had a fabulous, relaxing, fun-filled 4 day weekend! I definitely enjoyed every second of it :)

We have a lot of exciting things happening! Mark your calendars:

*Accelerated Reader Awards cutoff Feb. 21st- Flag Salute Awards will be on the 28th. Keep reading Room 306 scholars! Many of you are SO close to earning those awards!

*Planet Projects Due- Friday, February 28th- See Below for more information

*Tuesday, March 25th- Field Trip to Rancho Vista Adobe with Mrs. McLeod's class! Look out for permission slips and more information coming soon!

Students' Planet Projects- Due Friday February 28th

We are in the middle of our Out of this World Solar System Unit! Our class has had such a BLAST learning about the different planets, moons, asteroids, etc. Now it is YOUR turn to create a project that shows your expertise on the Solar System.

Task: Now you are the Expert on your planet! Here are some ideas to WOW your classmates (and your teacher)!

  • · Puppet Show
  • · Book
  • · Board Game
  • · Diorama
  • · Poster
  • · Mobile
  • · iMovie
  • · Commercial (Advertising your Planet)
  • · Skit
  • *****If you have your OWN idea on how to present your expertise to the class….go for it! BE CREATIVE!!!!!!!
  • NOTE: POWERPOINTS do not count since we will all be creating those in class and at computer lab :)

You MUST use your notes that you have been taking about your Planet from the class. You can use other resources as well from home (internet, books, encyclopedia, etc.). Remember to be informative with interesting facts!

Your Project is DUE on FRIDAY, February 28th. We will turn our classroom into the Milky Way that day and share and celebrate all of the amazing projects that are created!

Math in Planet 306

Mathematics: Division/ Paper Homework this Week

We will be wrapping up our Division Unit this week with a huge focus on Division with remainders. Students will NOT have a H.W. packet this week but they WILL have a math paper homework page each night that is due the following day. No Learnzillion this week!

Students, don't forget to use our CC Math Tech Links page on our website! It has been updated for Division and contains all of the Learnzillion videos as well as fun DIvision games. There are MANY Learnzilliion Videos you haven't watched! Remember these count as Extra Credit- have your parents write a note to me about how many minutes you spent and you'll get rewarded on FRiday :) Bookmark it at

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Technology Corner

Technology at Home:

Don't forget about the MANY learning opportunities students have on our class website! Through Edmodo they can participate in our online classroom as well as use the Common Core Scootpad and LearnZillion apps! They also can read online books on Big and more!

Don't forget to check out our Common Core Math Tech Links to watch videos or play fun, interactive games that correlate with our Division Unit.

NEW: Safe Search Engines for Students

I created a Safe Search Engine site on our SEES front page and a link on ours. I encourage students to use these sites instead of Google…they are more kid-friendly and research specific. These are the sites they will be using in school.

Introducing STUDENTS' GOOGLE DRIVES and Google Docs!

My students probably went home last week excited to tell you about their very own Google accounts! Each student in the district has their own account and can access on any computer. This is GREAT because they can work on powerpoints/documents anywhere and can save easily! Please know students do NOT have email access and is very secure :)

Students know how to log on by going to our school website, clicking on SMUSD Cloud

Login is their Student # (same as A.R.)

Password is their birth date formatted YYYYMMDD

I was also just notified I was accepted to be a 1-to-1 teacher for SMUSD's Chromebook 1to1 program! This means my students will all have access to their own Chromebook (laptop) and I can use it within my instruction. However, don't get too excited yet, students…we might have to wait until the end of the year to actually get our fingertips on these ;)

Please let me know if you have any questions about your student's Google Drive!

Check out 2 great iPad Lessons about the Solar System!

Solar System Movie
Solar System iPad center 2
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Accelerated Reader Stars

Students are ROCKING on their A.R. quizzes! Congrats to:

Angelina 10 points

Ty 10 points

Lauren 80 points

Emma 90 points

Luke 150

Charley 150

Spencer 240 points!

Keep working towards your A.R. goals and read for 20 minutes each night!

Thank you Room 306 Families!!

Christine Dixon

3rd Grade Teacher

San Elijo Elementary

San Marcos Unified School District