Why risk Ugliness when you can have attractiveness

What Are Those?

Tube Babies..

Are you worried your child won't be perfect? Are you worried they will be hideous? Well get yourself a tube baby! We don't make the mistake of unattractive babies. All babies are attractive in our tubes. If you want to get one all you need to do is visit the nearest pharmacy. We will release all your worries.

Why Do We Make Tube Babies..

Tube Babies were created due to parents being unhappy with their children's abilities. Statics today show that more parents are more comfortable with making their babies scientifically than they are by gambling with genetics. To have the perfect child all you have to do is fill out our survey and your baby will be sleeping in a crib within 10 days! You won't ever be sorry!

Where Can You Get One?

Baby Tubes R' Us!

If you don't like your family genetics, go to Baby Tubes R' Us! You can choose all the features you want. Athlete, brown hair, blond hair, green eyes, band geek. You name it, we can make it. All the attractive children you see in the park are from Baby Tubes R' Us. Only $60 plus handling! Get your Tube Baby ASAP!

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