We are the Witnesses

By Jacob Boas


David, Yitzhak, Moshe, Eva, and Anne were all teenagers during the Holocaust. They were all Jewish. This book tells the exciting stories of all 5 of these young Jews. From being hated everywhere you go, to being shot at. These teenagers stayed strong and had something that everyone needs... hope.

David always thought that he was normal, he went to school, played with other kids, and loved being outside. Until one day things started to change. He couldn't go to school, couldn't go outside, and everyone looked at him with hate and disgust. He started getting worried when his father was taken away and he didn't know why. Then one night they take him and his family to a concentration camp. Will he survive? read the book and find out.


1. Jews in the ghetto were given cards that gave you food and supplies, no card meant you would die.

2. You could get shot and killed just for walking in the wrong direction.

3. If the ghettos got full the Nazis would kill thousands of Jews to make room for more.

Who will enjoy this?

Personally I did not like this book, it got boring and confusing. If you like nonfiction with lots of facts, i would recommend this book to you.