Visible Light

period 8 physics

-visible light is Electromagnetic radiation

-the wavelength of visible light/radiation is not capable to see the human eye can't see the wavelength

-velocity in a visible light is 300,000,000

-There are cones in our eyes that can see the visible light waves. Our eyes see the reflection of the sunlight and the

sun, then it bounces off the objects and then you see ROY G BIV (the colors of the rainbow)

- The color we see is the color that is reflected, and all the others we cannot see

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Visible Spectrum of Light


this video describes about visible light and how it work and how are eyes can see color and how light is formed. also talks about the visible light waves. wavelengths come in different sizes. the suns wavelengths are the strongest they are called ultra violet rays. some animals are attracted to some of the suns rays. the suns waves are strong and can hurt human eyes.

visible light in life

-Cones in our eyes are receivers, for these tiny visible light waves.

-visible light is how you see colors ,and light.

-light can save you from falling down in the dark.

- light can save a person walking in the street with cars.

-light can harm you eyes lose eyesight.

- light can harm your skin ,burn your skin.

summary of speed of light

this article talks about the history of speed of light. a physician was chatting with a friend about whither they can make light go slower. though light slows down when passes through water or air. the students at he collage are talking about ways other then using water and air.