Western Migration

Gabriel Abbate


California Gold Rush & Comstock Lode

The discovery of gold and silver brought people to the west in search of a fortune.


Indian Wars

Sand Creek Massacre

In 1861 the U.S. Army responded to a group of Cheyenne Indians raiding several white settlers by killing 270 Native Americans, who were mostly women and children.

Custer's Last Stand

In 1876, General George Custer led a surprise attack on the Sioux at Little Big Horn. Custer and his men were killed.

Wounded Knee

After U.S troops witnessed Native Americans practicing Ghost Dance ritual, they became afraid it was a call to war. The U.S. Army responded to the threat by attempting to arrest Sitting Bull, who was the leader of the Sioux, which got him killed. They continued by killing 150 Native Americans who were mostly unarmed.


The Dawes Act


The Dawes Act was originally meant to give Native Americans ownership of family land by abolishing tribal organizations and separating reservation lands for individual families, but it just took away more of their culture.


Century Of Dishonor

In 1881, Helen Hunt Jackson published The Century Of Dishonor, a book that revealed the shameful way Native Americans were treated.