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One Business Owner’s Story

I knew I was in strife when the bank wouldn’t lend me any more against the farm. This home has been in the family for years and the thought of losing it was too much. I called my financial advisor and my bookkeeper, and they both advised me to go and see Liquidators Canberra which I didn’t do of course. I found this other liquidation firm and they said that’s the only way out. I knew I had significant debt, but it just seemed like I had no alternative. My accountant said that because I am paying for the liquidator and that it was going to be a voluntary liquidation that I would be looked after. WRONG!

I found some Liquidators, they seemed professional and capable and they said they would help me as much as they could to work through my money issues. I had no idea what was about to happen. They seemed to comprehend my predicament; I had some cash coming in and a sale of some equipment going through.
The minute I signed the paperwork the liquidators asked for the keys and that was it. Everything was taken out of my hands, the sale of the equipment was totally taken over, the money I had coming in was gone, they took over every single thing; it was all gone. The next day my savings account were frozen and what I thought was going to be a beneficial situation turned out to be my worst nightmare. I lost everything!

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Liquidators Canberra

Business debt can come about very easily. A few slow months and all of a sudden the debt is a long way beyond the reach of the company owner. If you have company debts that are out of control then give us a call. At liquidators Canberra we are business debt specialists. For a completely free consultation call Liquidators Canberra on 1300 795 575.

If my business is in trouble should I get in touch with a liquidator?

Usually when a business owner finds him or herself in an unworkable financial position they are advised by either their bookkeeper, their solicitor or even their friends to contact a Liquidator and place the company into liquidation. Be very careful about this, we have learned here at Liquidators Canberra that simply because you are paying the liquidator they will look after your best interests and help you to get back on your feet. BUT THIS IS CERTAINLY NOT THE CASE!