by: sydney kutz

Push factors

-They would get more money by moving to Texas.

- Way more possibilities.

- More and more Swedens were coming so everybody wanted to come.

Pull factors

- Texas payed for some of the traveling expenses.

- There where some religious collages for them.

- More where coming to Texas.



Here is some food that the Swedish eat, one of them you might have heard of!


Swante M Swenson... He was one of the first Swedens to come to Texas. He also had to bring 25 Swedens to Texas.

Mr. Swenson's uncle... The first Sweden to open a bussniss in Texas.

Sam Huston... He urged Swante to bring more Swedens to Texas.

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Some cultural highlights.

1) advent it is the counting to Christmas

2) cinnamon buns when the Swedish met up they would often serve cinnamon buns.

3) smorgasbord is a big feast the Swedens have.

4) they also have festivals every time the seasons change.

Some very important cultural influences

- They showed us some of there food which we have now! And we love.

- We also have advent to now.

Is Texas better off today due to immigration?

Yes, we might not know about some special holidays and other foods that we love so much right now!



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