MHS iPad Update

Upcoming Change to Management

Midway High School continues to set the standard for innovation and excellence in the classroom. Over the past 2 years iPads have played an important role in our students learning process. In the past, students at the High School have had access to the Apple App Store on their iPads. Starting with the 2016-2017 school year, we will be moving to a model where students can only access apps that are in a district “App Catalog," curated and selected by the district. This change is possible because of Apple’s iOS 9 software. We are excited to give our students the opportunity to focus their learning while still seeing innovative things happening in the classroom.

How will students get apps?

  • MHS students will soon only be able to get apps through the App Catalog.
  • The Apple App Store will no longer appear on the student iPads.

Why is this change possible now?

  • Midway uses Airwatch to manage student devices.
  • iOS 9 gives Airwatch additional features allowing for the district app catalog to serve as the only location for students to access apps.

Dates to Know

  • May 11: Students are notified of this change via School Announcements
  • May 11-13: School Announcements will remind students to save information to Google Drive
  • May 13: The Apple APP store will disappear for all students.
  • May 16-19: Campus iPad Collection

What do the students need to do to be prepared for this?

All information on student iPads that students would like to keep (projects, papers, images etc.) must be saved to their Google Drive account. During iPad collection all iPads will be erased, information that is not saved to Google Drive will be deleted during this process.

Which apps will be available to students in the App Catalog?

  • Click on the link below to see a working list of apps that will appear in the App Catalog as options for students.