The Crucible


The Crucible

 Abigail Williams was having an affair with John Proctor and she wanted to take the relationship to the next level and when she wanted to do that John Proctor didn't want to he told her it was just that cause she had to be married before a certain age. Elizabeth Proctor was John Proctor wife and had two kids she was accused of witchcraft by Abigail because Abigail wanted John Proctor so she said Elizabeth was a witch so she would die and Abigail could get John.                                                                                                 Rebecca Nurse was a nurse she helped deliver babies she was accused of witchcraft because she helped deliver some babies and none of them lived but she helped deliver some other babies and they all lived.


Reputation was in the line for many of the one that were being accused of witchcraft.Everything a citizen does is known by many.It is within this context that ones reputation become important.


Intolerance was a main theme in the crucible because there were many things that were prohibited but yet done by many.Intolerence was well seen in church because you could not commit any of the commandments.