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2012 August - November Newsletter

Library Media Happenings

Fall Recap

August brought the start of another school year with one of our largest enrollments for 9th graders in quite some time! We welcome all the newbies, the freshman as well as new students, to Fairview HS and especially to the library program. Remember our information portal is our Library Wiki which will soon be undergoing a transformation this year.

Our online library (wiki) contains a number of links, especially to our Master Calendar, to our catalog (Atriuum), and also to our browser Toolbar which can be downloaded to any computer. Access the online library wiki at at this URL: http://fhslibrarymedia.wikispaces.com.

If you are a new student and do not yet have a library account or a Google student email account, please go to the wiki and complete a new student form so that you can be added to our database, or ask your English teacher to email the librarian your name. This will allow you to check out material when you have a library account and you can save files and share them with your school email account.

We also held our first session of our "Information Boot Camp" for Freshman where they learned how to access their student Google Accounts, how to compose and send email, how to add to their contacts list, as well as other features of their Google Student Accounts. The end of September was the deadline for all students to make sure they can get into their Gmail accounts to transfer files from home and school, or from computer to computer, without needing a portable thumb drive. After the deadline, if you need access to your account, you will need to pay the $1.00 fee. The fee would not apply to brand-new students.

STAR Reading and Math

Renaissance Place : Standardised Test for the Assessment of Reading/Math (STAR/M)

Two web-based computer diagnostic programs were purchased by the county for use by the schools to assess student skill levels in reading and math. These tests will be taken four times in the course of the 2012-2013 school year. The data from these test will help us to monitor and use intervention procedures to help students grow in reading and math skills throughout the school year.

Throughout several weeks, all some odd 550 students at FHS have been and will continue to participate in STAR testing. Teachers will give the print out assessment reports to the students for them to take home and share this data with their parents. Our goal is to see growth across grade levels and to track progress through the year by analyzing the data from the test results.

To this end, all students have been divided into a 4th period RTI Reading, Math, or enrichment class that will focus on either reading or math strategies, skill improvement, and/or a variety of enrichment activities to strengthen thinking and reasoning skills or career-college readiness skills.

One of our school-wide goals is for students to improve their reading and/or math abilities. Students will be encouraged to use this 4th period class time wisely, to take the activities and lessons their teachers share seriously, and to work diligently to become better readers.

Anatomy of an Aggie Reader

The Aggies For Advancing Reading Blog

Please visit our blog (Anatomy of an Aggie Reader) and help us promote it to others. If you are interested in writing for our blog you need to join our AFAR Project Team. The AFAR project is a student and faculty organization whose goal is to promote reading within our school and community. The Aggies For Advancing Reading organization host a number of school events to engage readers of all levels--from struggling to advanced.

Officers in this organization also serve on the library's Student Advisory Board, and members also are given OPAC privileges to write reviews for books and/or to rate them in the card catalog. In addition, these students select STAR picks throughout the school year as recommended reading for their peers. If you enjoy reading, as well as other communication arts, then check out this organization. See Ms. Chandler for details.
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Information Skills Instruction

Second installment of "Information Boot Camp"

Plans are underway for the 2nd installment of "Information Boot Camp" for 9th graders. We are concentrating on teaching technology and information skills that students will need to be successful. Our next session will address online safety and security as well as delve deeper into using the Alabama Virtual Library as an information source.

Below is a enhanced podcast showing an overview of just one of the many databases from the Alabama Virtual Library (AVL). With the library program not having any funding for the past four years, the AVL has provided students and teachers with access to current and authoritative information. The school library could not afford access to these kind of databases. Therefore, we greatly appreciate the State Legislature working with the State Department of Education to provide these invaluable resources to every Alabama citizen through public, academic, and school libraries. You do not need a "library card or AVL card" to access these resources. Simply access the AVL through its link and geolocation will authenticate your computer's IP address.

AggieVision : A local school media program.

This class has endured a slow development with numerous interruptions in the instructional process-due to the format of the class as an extension of the library program. Initially these students waited for instructional materials to arrive and then for all the Google Apps administration, library database management, and training of library staff to take place before their instructional program could begin. In the interim however, students have begun to acquire the skills and structure necessary for a student news organization to be adopted. Content has been developed for the class on the Library's wiki site. Visit the AggieVision page. (Click on link.)

Our goal is to provide a learning environment for media literacy skills, as well as those necessary for the production of content related to hosting both live and taped "on air" content. This process will be a lengthy endeavor until funding can secure the materials that are needed for the program. Please contact the school Principal if you are willing to donate to this program.

2012 Aggie Homecoming

School Pride : Hearts filled with Purple and Gold!

The 2012 year proved to be another spectacular homecoming for the Fairview Community. Our students participated in various spirit-oriented dress-up days through the week, as well as,the grade level hall decoration displays. In addition, we celebrated with an outstanding round of talent show performers and a truly unique competition in our "Olympic Day" feats showing of a bit of physical prowess. The Aggie PTO kept us entertained with the annual "Powder-Puff" football game with teachers putting together another "set of skills" that were completely outside of the classroom.

Events culminated on Friday with a fun-filled day building and assembling Homecoming parade floats, selecting the Homecoming King and Queen, and playing together out on the front lawn. Not only did Mr. Gambrill incite another round of lawn dancing, he and his volunteers cooked up a delicious meal for the faculty and Seniors to enjoy! It takes a lot of work, but it is a week to really enjoy and appreciate this wonderful community.

It's great to be an Aggieman! Thank you to all the community folks, the PTO, and the parents who helped us celebrate and donated items to the 2012 Homecoming Celebration. And, last but not least, thanks to the faculty and students who keep the Aggie Spirit going.

We love our Aggies!

Community Outreach

Cyber Wise : The Informed Parent

On September 10th, the PTO hosted a workshop for parents about online security and safety issues presented by Ms. Chandler on behalf of the Fairview High School Library Program. The workshop was designed to help parents know how to keep their information secure, as well as, tips for how to supervise their child's online activities. Each participant received a complimentary copy of Net Cetera : Chatting with Kids About Being Online from the Federal Trade Commission.

The program entitled, Cyber Wise : The Informed Parent is also available for viewing online. Click on the snap code image. A larger image will appear for scanning with your smart phone. Scan the code for the URL. Or, if you do not have a smart phone, simply click on snap.vu/9bv4

1st Annual College Readiness Workshop

The Guidance Departments of Fairview and Holly Pond are hosting a College Readiness Workshop. This workshop is open to all students and parents of grades 8-12. A number of guests will be here to represent various colleges and programs of study. It is never too early to begin preparations for college. Not only will colleges be represented, but guest speakers will also present information regarding admissions, scholarships, and financial planning.

This workshop will be held in the Fairview High School Library beginning at 6:15 for registration for door prizes. The Tuesday, October 23rd program will begin at 6:30 and child care will be provided. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather important information and to make preparations for your child's future. If you have any questions please contact your school.

Contact Information

If you are interested in having content appear in the Learning Commons Newsletter please contact the school librarian.

Our school librarian is Ms. Chandler. June has been our librarian since 2003. She is a graduate of Auburn University and has a Master Degree in Educational Media / Librarianship.