November Newsletter


Hey AIEEESEC! November has gone by and therefore new steps were taken during this month! Continue reading this newsletter to figure out more!

How are the areas going?


TL Global Entrepreneurs - Carolina Faustino

In November, we started promoting the program with a clarification session in SBE that had a positive impact in the number of enrollments we received. Given that the appraisal is positive!

TL Global Talent - Mariana Moreira

November was the best month until now with a lot of interviews and because we went to an OPS. We had the first raises and, from those, we had some matches.

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VP - Liliane Correia

In November we don't have many news. There is just a raise to report.

TL - Joana Miranda Coelho

November went well but went still a bit below what was expected. We did a lot of interviews, and got a raise, but it's almost everything for Summer time and not for the Winter Peak.
We also were present in two OPS, one in ISCTE and one in NOVA.

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TL Global Entrepreneurs - Jéssica Costa

We had no raises, nor matches or realizes. Some contracts are in stand-by but the companies are getting too long to proceed with them. This was the month when we contacted the companies that we had before in order to know if they were really interested and we had some meetings that were ok. The time the companies take to answer our follow ups is being a problem. Me and Veronica had a positive afternoon when we were prepared to have one meeting and we had 7, which gave us the motivation to move on. Moreover me and André participated in a start ups event and it was interesting to meet the new entrepeneurs and their ideas.

TL - Mariana Espírito Santo

We had no raises, nor matches or realizes in November. This was the month when we had the majority of our presentation meetings, which were ok. In December we are trying to have raises.

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VP - Mariana Martins

The teams have been pushing themselves but as a result of a lapsus, our sales haven´t been aligned with the supply peaks of EPs from the countries we are interested in, which is causing the matches to be much more difficult. We are pushing ourselves really hard in the promotion of our opportunities.

TL Activa - Diogo Pascoal

We had 8 raises and 1 match in November. Now we are promoting ourselves in the groups so we can get applications.

TL Make it Possible - Sara Sousa

We had 2 raises and 1 match in November. In general, November was the month to finish the work that we started in September and October. We also made our first contact with some new schools as we were afraid the ones we alreadt have weren't enough. Moreover, we finished the agreements with the schools (in the beggining of December we are going to sign protocols), finally with the meetings and promotion we began the matches (distributed for all the members of the team).

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LC Account

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16/17 it's coming!

After the LCP election on October, November was the month that decided who was going to work directly with Pedro Santana. Candidates for the term 16/17 went through a full process applying for an EB position.

On December 3rd, some VPs positions were taken:

  • Marketing- Débora Pinto
  • Finance- Samuel Pires
  • oGIP- Ana Egas
  • oGCDP- Catarina Santos
  • iGIP- Ana Catarina Mateus
  • iGCDP- Diogo Pascoal

However, EB 16/17 is not closed yet as it's missing a VP TM! Applications for TM are already out!

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Hosting Families Project

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Hosting Families are common practice in another countries and we are trying to implement this in our committee.

You can check a previous host’s experience to help you with your decision:

Give it a try!

If you are interested, you can fill this form with your information and preferences:

AIESEC in NOVA & The Global Goals

AIESEC in NOVA fall 15
During November you may have been asked to take a photo or record a video with your global goal! Well, photos and videos aren't all. Don't forget to take the survey yourself: ! :)

Happening in December!