The movie is about a boy named brian who survives the wild

character list

Brian Robeson plays:the thirteen year old boy

the pilot:older guy named Jim or Jake that fly's the plane

Brian's mother :dating the blond haired man

Brian"s father:who does not want to get a divorse

terry:a friend of Brian"s from new York

the man with blond hair:the man who is seeing the mother

uncle carter: Brian's uncle that drinks raw eggs in the morning


Hatchet takes place in the Canadian forest.

main characters

pourupine attack


This is the porcupine that had spiked him on his leg in his shelter.
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the author of hatchet


Brian parents were divorced so he was going to visit his dad .so while he was flying the pilot had a heart attack. so Brian had to survive in the wilderness .so the pilot said he had to land the plane at a lake.and he found out that his mom cheated on his dad and he called that the secret.Brian got attacked while he was there in the woods.He had a dream and his friend terry told him how to start a fire.He went to get the survival pack and he found the shot gun.