Summer 2022

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Happy Almost Summer!

Summer is around the corner! We hope you and your family have a restful, productive and enjoyable summer. Your rest is well deserved. Please be sure to read the entire newsletter. It contains updates regarding grading, summer school and information about transition dates.

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Counselor Introductions & Updates

The Counseling Department is excited to announce that we have been approved to add two more amazing counselors to our team, bringing us to a total of 9 counselors to support our students. We are grateful to add Ms. Leah Babinski and Mr. Ben Cordero to our team. Both are coming to us with years of experience in high school counseling, and are excited to be joining our Mustang team. Please see below, or the letter from Counseling in the Mustang Trail to see if you will have a new counselor in the fall. Below is also some information about each of us, so you can get to know some new faces.

Freshmen- Class of 2026

  • A- F: Ms. Grace DeVore

  • G - L: Mr. Ben Cordero

  • M- Sb : Ms. Lizzie Peterson

  • Sc -Z : Ms. Tina Marcantonio

Sophomores- Class of 2025

  • A - El: Ms. Tearah Kemp

  • Em - K: Ms. Kate Schultz

  • L - Rd: Ms. Leah Babinski

  • Re - Z: Ms. Emily Manoogian

Juniors- Class of 2024

  • A - Fi: Ms. Grace DeVore

  • Fj - L: Mr. Ben Cordero

  • M - R: Ms. Lizzie Peterson

  • S- Z : Ms. Tina Marcantonio

Seniors- Class of 2023

  • A - E: Ms. Tearah Kemp

  • F- La : Ms. Kate Schultz

  • Lb- Re: Ms. Leah Babinski

  • Rf - Z: Ms. Emily Manoogian

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Summer Activities

Between summer jobs, sports/arts camps and lessons, academic programs, test prep classes, driver’s ed, internships, team workouts, summer school, volunteer service, travel sports, sibling care, family vacations, required summer class work, and the like, summer can sometimes feel like less of a “break” and more like “all work and no play.”

This is a gentle reminder to make some time for “play” this summer. Engage in your hobby, or explore a new interest. Go for a walk in the park, pack up a picnic, or play some lawn games. Revisit some childhood favorites, like water balloon fights, nerf wars, coloring with sidewalk chalk, making s'mores, or playing a game of flashlight tag. Spend some time outside reading or drawing – or doing nothing at all. Although it may seem counterintuitive, giving your brain some “downtime” this summer is a great way to prepare for the fall.

If you are interested in volunteering, check out this resource: https://www.volunteermatch.org/

For 2022 graduates, if you are interested in Summer Step, you can find more information here

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Summer School Registration is Open

The counseling department suggests summer school for students lacking credit.

Registration Deadline: June 17, 2022 (online courses)

Click here to Register Now!

Other helpful summer school links

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Required Summer Work for 2022-23 school year

Please note that most classes do NOT require summer work, however, some do. Please note that students MUST use their school emails to access this information. In addition, many teachers have class lists and could be sending students information via their school email address. Please make sure students periodically check their school email over the summer!

Are you unsure if you have required summer work? No worries, check the link below to see if your 2022-23 classes are listed:

Required Summer Work Link

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Important Dates over the summer:

June 8, Schoolcraft College Dual Enrollment Info Night- Information Here
June 15, Schoolcraft College Information Night- Information Here
June 14 & June 21: HFC Financial Aid Nights- Information Here

August 1-5: National Organization for Minority Architects Camp- Information Here

Transition Days:

Monday, August 22: SENIORS from 8- 10 am.

Tuesday, August 23: JUNIORS from 8- 10 am.

Wednesday, August 24: SOPHOMORES from 8- 10 am.

Thursday, August 25: FRESHMEN from 8- 11:30 am.

Monday, August 29: Make-up Day (all students) from 8-10 am.
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Parchment Transcripts

  • Students and families can use Parchment to manage their high school transcript and where it's sent.

  • Parchment will be updated over the summer.

  • Class of 2023 may begin requesting transcripts once the school year starts in September. Please wait until September to request transcripts so that they accurately reflect any summer courses.

  • Visit the link below on the NHS Counseling website for more information on Parchment

Parchment Link

Class of 2023- Planning for Senior Year

  • Senior Planning Guide: NHS Counseling has created a senior year planning guide and handbook for our students. This document is full of resources for students and families to help them navigate the post secondary planning process.

  • Junior College Planning Meeting: Slides Available Here, Recording Available here

  • Letters of Recommendation- Brag Sheets: Ask teachers now for letters of recommendation so that they can work on them over the summer. Be sure to work on your Brag Sheet and get that sent to your teachers as soon as possible!

  • Parchment Link: Verify that your transcript from the last three years is correct. Any updates or adjustments will delay your transcript submission in the fall.

  • Please be sure to list your assigned counselor on your college applications.

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Resources from BIg Future for each grade


Class of 2026- 9th grade

Class of 2025- 10th grade

Class of 2024- 11th grade

Class of 2023-12th grade

Testing Information

Click here to visit the SAT website for testing information


The links below provide Test Prep and Information on the college admission tests:

SAT Test Prep- Khan Academy


College Board

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Final Remarks for the Class of 2022

Seniors Should….

  • Order your final transcripts to go to your destination of choice for the fall.
  • You must request to have your final transcript sent from Parchment DIRECTLY TO your final college destination.

  • When you order your transcript on Parchment, select ‘Hold for Grades.’

  • Final transcripts will be sent by the end of June.

Your Northville email address will be disabled at the end of the school year (very soon). Please be sure to transfer and save any documents, admissions or other important information you may need to reference.

Congratulations and best of luck!
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Important Reminders

  • The counseling office will be closed: June 17th- Aug 23rd

  • Student schedules will be available in late August during fall Transition Days (see dates above)

  • 2022-23 school year begins on Tuesday, September 6, 2022

  • Hello Xello! Xello will continue to be available for students to explore careers and more over the summer.

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