Pros & Cons

Tilor, Emilee, Carly, Sergei

Title 9


-Created equality overall

-Helped balance the budget in sports and academics

-Before title nine boys weren't allowed to take some classes such as home economics

-Allowed boys to go out for sports that girls usually did

-Without title nine countless women would not have experienced sports


-Took funds away from male sports for women sports

-There are more male sports being cut instead of adding new sports for females

-Women get 40% of the athletics money even though they make up over half of the collage population


We agree with title nine, but also disagree. Title nine makes it more equal overall but in some ways it doesn't. Title nine takes away from male sports but not female sports. Title nine has opened many doors for both men and women.

Afirmative Action


-affirmative action creates diversity

-special preference is given to minorities to make up for years of discrimination

-students and workers who start at a disadvantage get a boost to succeed


-may create diverse discrimination

-because of affirmative action a minorities might beat out someone more capable for a job or school

-gives preference to groups instead of accomplishments


Affirmative action also has negatives and positives. It makes up for past discrimination and gives more people a chance. However we think that if someone else is more qualified then they should get the job or go o that school.