Comets and Asteroids


  • A comet is a object of ice and dust that has a gas "tail" when it gets close to the sun.
  • Comets formed from the remains of planets when they were being formed
  • Comets orbit the sun in an oval shape when planets orbit in a circle
  • Far away comets look like just balls of ice and dust but when they get closer to the sun they get a "tail" of gas
Comet Lovejoy

Taken in 2012 on the last encounter with this comet


  • An asteroid is a rocky surface that is far from earth and does not create a trail of gas and stays about the same distance from the sun at all times
  • A meteor is a streak of light we see when something burns up in the atmosphere amd the debris left over is called a meteoroid
  • A near earth asteroid that gets close to earth because it is caught in a gravitational pull of nearby planets
  • In 1908 An asteroid estimated at 50 meters across explodes above Tunguska, Siberia, blowing down trees across 2,000 square kilometers and killing a lot of wild animals

This is the orbit of comet 2013 TV135 that might collide with earth in 2032


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