Celebrating World War 1

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The war began in 1914 because of a combination of factors, one significant reason being militarism. Militarism was the building up armies, militarising the country and getting the countries military built up enough for a war that was most likely to start, and it did.

For example, Germany built uo their military by promoting the idea of military success on something desirable to the people of their country, bringing forth more people willing to fight in the war. This was done under the Keiser who wanted their naval amry to be able to rival Britains. This led to the beginning of the arms race.

Alliances Systems

The causes of World War 1 vary in number by the hundreds, peoplecan give so many reasons of how it started but i feel that the Arms Race was the most important because it began the feeling of uneasiness throuought the countries involved.

The naval strength of the powers in 1914


Large Naval Vessels









This led to the creating of alliances between countries. They claimed it was just for protection, but what did they need protecting from if no threats had been made yet. The start of the war was because of Serbia, the first act of war from them was the assassination of Arch Duke Frans Ferdinand, from Austria/Hungary. Austria/Hungary declared war on Serbia and the allies of each country followed to help out and the numbersjust increased until there was World War 1.The main Alliances were the Triple Alliance Germany, Austria/Hungary and Italy to start with and the Triple Entente France, Britain and Russia.

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Extreme Nationalism

Another cause for the war was the extreme nationalism that the countries had brought forth, a good example of this is the Nazi's. Hitler, their leader, brought forth a new age of killing and slaughtering, he hated the Jews tht much that he would hunt them down and put them into concentration camps and slowly he tried to wipe them all out.

Luckily World War 1 never had anything that extreme, although the countries involved made their people hate the enemy countries by putting up posters filled with lies, saying that they started it and they kill with no mercy. Woman, children and men mindlessly slaughtered. Yet most of the time they didnt do any of the stuff said or put into the minds of the innocent.

The Wars from World War 1that had the Biggest Impact for Australia

The casualties suffered in the First World War were of a scale never before experienced. Great Britain and her Empire lost over 1,000,000; France, 1,300,000; Russia, 1,700,000; Germany and its allies, 3,500,000. Losses in life per day of the war exceeded 5,500.

Even though every soldier that enrolled into the war would have had some form of combat experience throughtout there serving time, the main cause of death in the wars were trench raids, snipers, shelling and the bombings that occured, these were the most prominant because of the small areas of the trenches, leading to easy pickings for snipers in the cramped area and bombings and shelling were absolutely blood thirsty. These blood thirsty wars were:

  • -The battle of Verdun 1916
  • -The battles of the Marne 1918
  • -The battle of Ypres 1915
  • -The battle of Somme 1916
  • The Battle of Verdun 1916

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