Remember What You Learned In Class?

Read these helpful hints on how to improve your memory!

Focus on the material!

It's hard to pay attention in class sometimes but attention is one of the biggest factors in improving your memory! Information will be processed better from your short-term to long-term memory if you just pay attention! Here are some ways to help you pay attention better: STOP multi-tasking, practice mindfulness (purposely paying attention to something), meditate, get rid of all your distractions (phones, tv, laptops, ipods, etc.), and finally STUDY STUDY STUDY! You know "practice makes perfect" is just not a saying, it really works!

Get the proper amount of sleep each night!

Sleep may not seem like an important factor of improving your memory but researchers say getting right amount of sleep at night will help you learn things faster and remember them better! So make a sleep schedule and get the right amount you need and if you ever feel stressed after learning new information, take a nap. It helps!

It's Guaranteed To Work!