Amanda Lorene Goodman

Who are you?

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Past Influences

Growing up in a small town I was influenced by many people. But the two people who deserve the most credit for shaping me into the individual I am today is my Mama and my Papa. My Mama has impacted my life in more ways than I can explain. Being a single mom and raising my sister and I she has shown me and taught me how to stay strong and stand for what I believe. She has corrected me when I was wrong, guided me when I was lost, and listened to me when I wanted to talk. Not only has she taught me how to eat, walk, read, write, and drive but she has also taught me how to work hard and be a respectable and reliable young lady. Working hand in hand with her was my Papa. Together they both raised me with manners, positive attitudes, and the passion to love life and strive for my goals. My Papa passed away the day before my birthday last year on January 25, 2013. It was hard losing him and not being able to hear him sing to me or give me a hug. But in a way I see this as another way that he has influenced and shown me to keep living and enjoying life.


Significant Experience

I don't really know if I have one main significant experience. But I have learned a great deal from playing sports. Growing up I loved watching volleyball. So when I reached middle school I wanted to play. I tried out and ended up making the team but at that time I had not known much about it and I didn't find myself to be very good. So I went to camps, watched video clips, spoke to coaches, and practiced with other girls. Well I ended up catching on pretty quick and after my second year on JV I was asked to play for Varsity. Only being in the 8th grade I was extremely terrified and didn't consider myself to be as skilled as the other players. I found myself sitting on the bench way more than when I was on JV and honestly I questioned why I was even on the team. But with practice and determination I found myself playing more and then I even became a starter and later on a captain. The significance of this story is that over the years of tough practices, crude comments, and lack of confidence. It has shown me what it takes to succeed, taught me how to work with others, set goals, and most importantly I have realized that sometimes you might have to risk failure in order to gain success.

Who Am I Know?

I've never really asked myself that question. So lets see.. I am 18 years old, almost 19. I am currently a Sophomore at College of Charleston. And as of right now I am planning on double majoring in Physical Education and Athletic Training and minoring in Coaching. I live on campus but I go home frequently on the weekends to visit my mom and boyfriend, Josh. I love playing volleyball and softball and I am hoping to make some great lifelong friends while I'm here in college. This semester I am joining the Health and Human Performance club and I am still looking for more ways to become involved. Ultimately, my goal for right now is to excel in my school work, stay on task, and enjoy my life as a college student.

Who Do I Aspire To Be?

Once I graduate college I am not sure where I want to go. But I hope to find a job as a Physical Education teacher and a Volleyball Coach. Once I get my feet on the ground I would like to buy a house and one day I hope to be a wife and mother. I want to become involved with my community and eventually I would like to open a gym. Not only do I just want to provide the equipment, but I want to educate people about exercise and fitness. I want to help people set and accomplish their goals and I want to give, show, and encourage them to try and strive in the many different physical activities.

Personal Information

Location: Charleston, SC


Number: (843) 372-0378

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